September 18, 2021

European countries are mostly safe, as is the United Kingdom.

19: UK travel lists will be updated.
Travel Lists Update / Photo Credit: Sky.

As the UK updates its travel lists, most European countries are safe from red-rating because others are re-rated.

In an effort to curb the corona virus amid fears of other deadly epidemics from various countries, the UK has come up with lists of safe and unsafe holiday destinations. Travelers visiting red-listed countries will be forced to spend 10 days in hotel solitude on their return to the UK.

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People who visit countries like Morocco, Saint Lucia and Jamaica may find themselves forced to quarantine. Floors More likely to be redlisted. Changes are also expected for Croatia, Slovenia and Madeira, according to data expert Tim White.

“The government has maintained a green watch list that we believe no country can go directly from green to amber, right? Well, it’s already happened, so who knows?” Mr White said. Said

“I, in my opinion, was the only person who predicted that Croatia would be moved to green some time ago, and now a lot of people are writing that it is likely to go back to Amber. I can agree with that. “

So far, there are 60 vacation destinations that are redlisted by the UK, and country names are updated almost every 3 weeks.

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Meanwhile, Germany, which is making good progress in delivering the vaccine, is likely to remain largely green. Croatia with 75% more testing than Germany but still. Infection rate Less than 20% “can be moved to the list of amber. Slovenia which was recently given the” green light “and Bulgaria are more likely to remain” green “. Can

The purpose of the upgrade and downgrade in the UK travel list is to keep British residents safe after the lifting of almost all Covid restrictions.

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