Europe reports first case of ‘worst’ Covid-19 variant – RT World News

The first case of the Covid-19 ‘NU’ variant has been detected in Belgium, according to local media reports confirmed by a leading doctor, who said health officials handled two “suspect” samples.

,We are currently analyzing two suspected samplesMarc Van Ranst, a leading virologist whose lab works closely with Belgium’s public health body Sciensano, said on Twitter.

The virologist elaborated on his remarks to Reuters, describing the samples as “suspicious“Since they were not the delta version, which has been dominant in Belgium.

According to local media reports, at least one case of the new strain – B., or ‘Nu’ variant – has been detected in the country. The virus was reportedly found in a young woman who had recently traveled to Egypt via Turkey. The patient was reportedly neither vaccinated nor contracted Covid-19 in the past. If confirmed, the Belgian case would become the first case detected in Europe.

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