September 17, 2021

EU threatens new action, ignoring British tensions on Bridget Border

EU ignores UK tensions on Bridget Border, threatens new move
EU ignores UK offer, tightens Brexit border, threatens new move

Last night, a fresh Brexit dispute erupted this summer after the European Union reaffirmed its commitment to resolving the hot border dispute.

Under the Northern Ireland Protocol, the European Commission is currently developing a plan to ensure the long-term supply of medicines from the UK to Northern Ireland from next year.

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Despite objections from the British government, Eurocrats are working on a proposal for legislation to be considered by the European Council and the European Parliament.

According to reports, the plan will include regulatory compliance functions, such as quality control tests for new drugs for the Northern Ireland market only, which will be conducted on an ongoing basis in the UK.

Then, instead of companies setting up this procedure in Northern Ireland or the European Union after the current grace period expires in December 2021, it will be an alternative.

However, according to Brussels, the UK government, led by Boris Johnson, will have to take special security measures to ensure that those products do not cross the border into the EU’s internal market beyond Northern Ireland.

When it comes time to approve equipment for use in Northern Ireland, UK ministers will also be required to fully implement EU drug law on quality, safety, batch testing, and release.

Last night, the commission made it clear that the proposed solution would be “based on a clear commitment from the UK to make security arrangements”. A Brussels source said the bill would be tabled in the council and parliament before the end of the year.

If no solution is found soon, it could guarantee drug manufacturers 90 percent of the drugs they send back to the region. Meanwhile, a White House source close to the protocol negotiations condemned the request for the drug to comply with EU law and called it ridiculous.

“It would be a bureaucratic nightmare to run the EU system,” he said. We have already made it clear to them that the proposal will not work, it seems that they are just moving forward with their agenda.

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The UK’s tough stance on drugs came as ministers announced their intention to postpone border inspections on goods entering the country from Northern Ireland, while a major debate began over whether to work on the protocol again.

Protocol is part of the Bridget Divorce Agreement, which aims to avoid a strict border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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