September 25, 2021

EU and AstraZeneca strike agreement to end vaccine controversy


The European Commission and AustraZeneca on Friday announced an agreement to end the trial on the delivery of the vaccine, which will speed up the EU’s vaccination campaign.

Under the settlement, AstraZeneca has pledged to deliver 60 million doses of its vaccine by the end of the third quarter of this year, 75 million by the end of the fourth quarter and 65 million by the end of the first quarter of 2022.

“Today’s settlement agreement ensures the supply of the remaining 200 million doses of the Covid 19 vaccine to the European Union through AstraZeneca,” Stella Carrickides said., EU Commissioner for Health and Food Security.

Despite being cheap and easy to transport, Vexzoria has suffered a number of setbacks, including concerns about the risk of blood clots and other possible side effects.

In April, the European Commission launched legal action against AstraZeneca for failing to honor its agreement to supply the Covid 19 vaccine and for not having a “reliable” plan to ensure timely delivery.

50 million jobs in France.

France, meanwhile, will soon pass the 50 million mark for vaccines for the first time, but the government says the gap between “weaker” groups remains to be filled.

About 10 million people have chosen to quit their jobs, including more than 75,000 to 720,000 people who have been eligible for vaccinations since January.

Health officials are also focusing their efforts on adolescents, who are largely affected by the delta form, and administering a third dose of the vaccine to older people.

Although vaccination is only available in France for children 12 years of age and older, President Emmanuel Macron suggested on Thursday that young children may also be eligible.

The number of infections in France is steadily improving, with fewer than 100 people being hospitalized each week this week.

(With Reuters.)


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