October 27, 2021

Etson’s Elfingro Trail in Glasgow’s West End has been canceled.

A highly anticipated Christmas Elf Trail has been canceled.

Etson’s magical Elphin Trail experiment was announced just last week as part of Elphinrow’s return.

However, organizers confirmed that the tour along the Elfen River would no longer be able to proceed due to supply problems.

The news will come as a shock to families wishing to take young children to the West End event as children under the age of five are unable to participate in the ice skating experience.

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Creator Oli Norman said: “Unfortunately, today we had to make the difficult decision to postpone the Elphin Trail for 2021.

“In the weeks since our magic trail was announced, the global and local supply chain has been getting harder and worse than we predicted.

“It’s really frustrating, but with everything under our control, the right decision and that means we can focus on providing Glasgow’s most epic ice experience in years.”

The snow experiment, which is expected to continue in Glasgow’s wonderful winter lands around the world, such as the Rockefeller Center.

Attendees will skate behind a somerset house and dance on ice with a world-class team on a purpose-built track, completely covered under the stars. While enjoying the festive soundtrack for decades from the Crowners to the Christmas Classics and visiting the wonderfully lit Calongrove Museum on Christmas Eve.

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They will also be able to enjoy a pit stop for hot chocolate at the world’s first skate-up fair cafe. Plus the festival Food and drink Return to an epic covered bar area and the legendary Silent Snow Disco, where you can sing, dance and join in the Christmas spirit as it snows around you.

Tickets will go on sale on Wednesday with day and night availability.

This came after the 2019 event when it was criticized by consumers who demanded a refund.

Visit for more information about the event. Here.

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