September 22, 2021

Entrepreneur jailed for eight months for failing to complete jobs

Lagan Side Court Photo: Colum Lenaghan / Pacemaker.

Graham Morris, 37, failed to return home after receiving cash for renovations in the Greater Belfast area.

Morris of Glencol House in Newtownby was convicted of 10 counts of burglary of six different victims between May and October 2019.

The Belfast Magistrate’s Court found that he had lost nearly 000 3,000.

Prosecutors say he did not appear when a woman paid him 2,000 to renovate his bathroom.

Morris initially claimed he had flat tires, but when confronted he said he had no money and that it was a civil matter.

Another woman cited 50 750 for roofing and guttering work to cover جمع 340 for material collection and cost.

He was told that his phone had been broken before he could return the call.

Others provided cash of shower 140, £ 250, £ 160 and £ 70 for everything from installing new showers to installing walls.

In messages to one of them, Morris said he was in hospital and then claimed work would be stopped because his father had died.

He also attributed the problems to one of those who paid for the “wrong communication”.

Defense attorney Fergal McHalton told the court that Morris used the money for other jobs.

“He was in business, it was not a deliberate act of taking money and depriving people,” the lawyer said.

“When it came down to it, he couldn’t work because of a lack of funds.”

Morris is already serving his sentence in other cases, District Judge George Connor asked: “Has he made any arrangements to compensate these people for the mistakes that have been made?”

Mr McHullton replied: “He is in custody and has no funds.”

Judge Connor then confirmed: “Tomorrow will be eight months (imprisonment).”

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