September 20, 2021

Ensemble’s hit song celebrates the glittering booms of Glasgow women.

The fourth single from the award-winning debut album. Music Collective Collection Released – and Celebrates Glasgow Women’s Confidence

Glittery Bums is the latest release of the project, which sees young people working with professional musicians to write and record original music.

The pop song “A Gift for Glasgow’s Women” was written by The Sistas, along with professional musicians Claire McBrien and Donna Mikosia.

The sisters are Alhan Alhan, Asma Qasim, Christiana Adjoigbe, Fatima Muhammad, Noha Thalib, Shubhita Adampurath and Maudat.

He wrote the song when he was new to Glasgow and was inspired by the women he saw wearing short shorts in the city in the summer.

Fatima said: “We were in the bus, me and Asma.

“There was a festival going on in Glasgow Green and we saw a lot of women who were really wearing short shorts with shiny skin and we were surprised because we weren’t used to seeing a lot of it.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“And then we were sitting in one of the couple’s rooms and we were struggling to figure out what to write.

“So Donna asked us, ‘What did you see this week?’ “And we said, ‘Shiny booms.’

“We’ve seen them everywhere this week.

“We didn’t know at the time that the song would get out of there too much.”

Shobita added: “I remember how this thinking emphasized the free flow of boom-centric ideas and pins about the back.

“Humor and vulgarity were the center of tribute to the city that became home.

“Add some cool beats and see, you have the best summer competition for friendship, the sun and the spirit of the women of Glasgow.”

The accompanying music video features self-shot footage of The Sistas, a compilation of dances and entertainment from the wider community and friends.

Glasgow Times: Glacier Booms.

The couple has attracted regular airplay from the BBC. Radio. Rudy Hart of Scotland.

It is run by Whitley Care, part of the Whitley Group, and is funded by the Scottish Government through the Creative Scotland Youth Music Initiative (YMI).

It sees young people, with a lot of homelessness and mental experience. Health Problems, writing and recording original music about their experiences with professional musicians.

The debut album, Nine Place Like Eight, is about home and community, and was recorded at Cam 19 Studios with young people following in the footsteps of famous Scottish musicians Calvin Harris, Franz Ferdinand and Deacon Blue. There are those who have recorded in it. Studio

Ensemble began life in 2016, with various young people and musicians participating each year.

Donna Mikoshia, Whitley Care’s Ensemble Coordinator, said: “Shiny Bombs is a fun summer pop song featuring a group of young women.

“The song is already one of our favorite ways to close a gig and we’re excited to share it with as many people as possible as a single release.

“The duo repeatedly shows us how powerful music is in changing one’s mood and one’s life.

“Great things happen when people come together to collaborate, listen to them, and most importantly, have fun.”

You can listen to the song and buy it here.

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