Emmerdale’s Catherine Doe Blyton Reveals Heartbreaking Story of Her Mom’s Death After Soapy Stroke Plot

Katherine Doe Blyton of EMMERDALE told her heartbreaking story about her mother’s death after Marlon Dingle’s stroke.

The actress, who plays policewoman and curate Harriet Finch in the ITV series, opened up about her horrific loss in 2016.


Actress Katherine Doe Blyton has revealed that her mother died of a stroke in 2016.1 credit
Katherine Opens Up About Her Loss After Emmerdale'S Stroke


Katherine opens up about her loss after Emmerdale’s stroke1 credit

The chef, played by actor Mark Charnock on the ITV soap opera, passed out minutes after asking girlfriend Rona Goskirk to marry him on Monday’s episode.

While viewers were left in awe of the tragic scene, many praised the ITV series for its depiction of “true signs of a stroke”.

Soap opera star Katherine shared her support for the storyline, stating that it means a lot to her.

“My beautiful mom passed away after a massive stroke in 2016,” Katherine tweeted after the episode aired.

“This is a cruel and sudden end to life.

“Stroke is the leading cause of death and disability in the UK. Awareness is critical. Act FAST. FACE.ARMS.SPEECH.TIME to call 999 @StrokeAssocNews”.

Emmerdale'S Mark Charnock 'Stunned' As Fans Sob At Marlon'S Terrifying Punch
Emmerdale Fans In Tears As Marlon Dingle Suffers Stroke After Engagement

ITV viewers burst into tears as Marlon passed out minutes after asking girlfriend Rona Goskirk to marry him.

The 53-year-old actor, who played Marlon for almost 26 years, said he was “touched” by the response.

The actor wrote, “It’s hard to know what to say to all of you other than that I’m really dumbfounded.

Thanks for all your messages. It was so touching to read.

“ALL credit goes to the amazing #Emmerdale team, @TheStrokeAssoc, doctors and survivors who have advised us. Thanks everyone. X”

One viewer wrote: “You made me cry. You were great.”

Another wrote: “Great, I’m on the beat.”

“You are an incredible actor. Always admire your dramatic storylines,” commented a third.

Another added: “You were an amazing sign. Obviously, a lot of work and research has been done and it’s just wow! Depicted very sensually, and the scenes were emotional. Well done to you and the whole team.”

As Marlon frantically searched for the ring, he stopped and realized that part of his face was frozen.

Desperately searching for the ring, he stopped and realized that part of his face was frozen.

But when Rona and April realized that he hadn’t returned, April followed him.

She found him lying on the floor, but she couldn’t understand what he was trying to say.

Calling an ambulance, she begged for help, but Marlon could not understand what she was saying.

Arriving at the hospital, the doctor told Rona: “Marlon suffered a serious stroke.

“His speech and mobility were severely affected. He needs surgery to remove a blood clot blocking an artery leading to his brain.

“We won’t know how bad it is until after the operation. He is either conscious or unconscious – it is difficult to say what he can understand.

Rona went to him, but was horrified by what she would find, and she promised to marry him and always be by his side.

The audience was completely heartbroken by this scene, but amazed by the episode.

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One wrote: “Marlon is already such an emotional yet incredibly well-acted episode, well done @emmerdale for portraying the signs of a stroke.”

The second said, “Oh my God. It was so traumatic, but the awareness this storyline will bring is absolutely priceless.”

Marlon Dingle Suffered A Stroke During Monday'S Episode.


Marlon Dingle suffered a stroke during Monday’s episode.1 credit

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