Emma’s secret is revealed to a terrified Craig and Faye.

PAINFULLY happy about her budding romance with John, Emma Brooker kept her joy a secret.

But her secret could be revealed to Faye Windass and Craig Tinker next week on Coronation Street.


Emma keeps her budding romance with John a secret1 credit
Faye Was On Edge After Ted'S Death.


Faye was on edge after Ted’s death.1 credit

After months of imprisonment, Faye (played by Ellie Leach) was released in 2021 but still walks on eggshells.

She was adamant about getting her life back on track by avoiding more time behind bars.

However, the young man did not expect that, along with Emma (Alexandra Mardell), he would get into a car accident, as a result of which the infirm pensioner Ted (Daggie Brown) died.

Since then, both characters have been desperate to keep their secret under wraps.

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Despite this, Emma hooked up with Ted’s grandson John Speer (Jordan Ford Silver) behind Faye’s back, but the truth is about to come out.

As Faye struggles with her peanut allergy, Craig (Colson Smith) asks Emma if she can walk the dog.

Believing she is safe from any repercussions, Emma agrees and goes for a walk with John.

Unfortunately for her, Craig’s mother Beth stumbles upon the couple and introduces herself to John, much to Emma’s dismay.

still on coronation street

Later, Beth reveals to her son that she met an old school friend of Emma’s and a suspicious Craig decides to confront her, fully convinced that she is secretly dating John.

Emma denies everything… but continues to keep John a secret.

Craig is very cautious, firstly due to Faye confessing to her involvement in Ted’s death, and also due to the fact that he is about to return to the police.

He had previously left his position as a police constable in order to protect Faye and Emma from any legal repercussions.

Unhappy and resentful of Faye, causing the couple to part ways, Craig finally decided to leave the Underworld factory and return to what he loves.

Therefore, Craig fears that Emma’s connection to John could jeopardize his return to the army.

But as time goes on and Emma’s secret may be revealed, John has important news for her.

Having inherited a colossal amount of money from Ted, he considers using the money to finance his new life in Australia.

Could this be a relief for Craig and Faye?

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Can Emma even leave with him as actress Alexandra Mardell has announced her departure from the long-running ITV soap opera?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 20:00.

Craig Also Hopes To Return To The Police Force.


Craig also hopes to return to the police force.1 credit
But Emma Enjoys Her Bond With John.


But Emma enjoys her bond with John.1 credit

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