September 17, 2021

Emma Corinne revealed that the director of ‘The Crown’ knelt down and played the role of Princess Diana.

Emma Corinne has revealed that the moment she was offered the award-winning role of Princess Diana in “The Crown” was similar to a marriage proposal.

The actress, who played the Prince of Wales in the fourth season of the hit Netflix original, visited the set for the first time to study chemistry with her co-star Josh O’Connor, who played her husband Prince Charles in the series. Paid The show’s director Ben Carron and producer Suzanne Mackey were so impressed with her performance that they offered her a part on the spot, and in a lovely way.

He told the people. Magazine about that day, “They were doing some pick-up for Season 3 and they asked me to come to the set where they were filming to read chemistry with enthusiasm. I remember that We did this scene once or twice and then Ben [Caron, the director] He turned to Suzanne. [Mackie, the producer] And it was like, ‘Can I do this now?’ ‘

“And he went downstairs and said, ‘Will you be Diana?’ It felt like a marriage proposal, “the 25-year-old recalled.

The Emmy Award winner also described the work she had done to pay tribute to the late British monarch. “It simply came to our notice then.

To break down the wall, Korean began working with choreographer Polly Bennett, who choreographed several dance scenes in the series. According to Corinne, a lot has changed since she started working with Bennett and they have worked together on a lot of roles and movements.

“We basically started working on getting her out, from the inside out. So our story, the script, and her arc on this series and find out what she’s feeling at the moment, and then why she did it. Will, “he said.

Corinne also said she was grateful she shared the journey of “The Crown” with her “best friend” O’Connor, who won an Emmy for photographing Prince Charles. He said, “He’s just the best friend I could have ever wanted. I just had my back constantly. We have similar philosophies on things like that, which is really, really helpful.”

Emma Corinne
Emma Corinne and Josh O’Connor both won the 2021 Golden Globe Award for their portrayal of Princess Diana and Prince Charles in Season 4 of “The Crown”.
Crown / Netflix.

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