Emily Atack looks amazing showing off her incredible legs while joking that she’s “in jail”.

EMILY Atack looked incredible last night when she showed fans her latest Celebrity Juice outfit.

The comedian, 32, wore a £195 Rixo floral mini dress with a teardrop neckline and Kurt Geiger heels, which Emily says she loves.


Last night, Emily Atak wowed with her floral mini dress.
Emily Compared Her Room To A Prison Cell


Emily compared her room to a prison cell

Her hair and makeup were professionally styled and she smiled in a bare room that she joked was a prison.

She wrote on Instagram: “Bringing you spring vibes this evening from my jail cell 😍.”

In another backstage, host Keith Lemon opened a beer while co-star Laura Whitmore loitered in the background in a pink dress.

Fans were blown away by one comment: “…and she’s serving up GLAM! 😍♥️”.

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Another joked: “Wow, prison outfits are in fashion now!”

The third said: “I look amazing with the onset of summer 🔥.”

Earlier this week, Emily criticized the “perverts” who sent her dirty messages after a photo of her in a taxi went viral online.

The Inbetweeners star said she was harassed on Sunday after a picture was posted on the porn site’s Twitter account.

Emily said, “Oh okay, so this photo is now on real Twitter and the Fake Taxi website.

“Great, no, really great. I’m trying to make good use of Sunday, and I’m bombarded by perverts asking if I want to accidentally take a wrong turn into the woods.

“Go iron your kids’ school uniforms, you bastards.”

In the photo, Emily is sitting in the back seat of a black taxi wearing a green mini dress and playfully sticking her tongue out.

It was shared by FakeTaxi, a porn site where you can see men fiddling with women in the back of a taxi.

Emily became aware of the photo last week when abusive social media users implied that she intentionally posed for the site.

In one snap, a sneaky Instagram user wrote below the photo, “Looks like Charlotte of The Inbetweeners has had a pretty drastic career change.”

Actress Emily was recently among the celebrities who supported the jailing laws for internet trolls.

She told The Sun: “I lost count of the number of times I logged in and felt completely frazzled that someone had texted or sent straight to me.”

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“I have received countless insults online, but increasingly they have become very sexualized. I receive hundreds of messages of a sexual nature, from threats of rape to men telling me exactly what they are going to do to me in the most cruel and misogynistic ways.

“Last year, I launched the #EndCyberflashing campaign with Grazia Magazine to make unwanted sexual harassment a crime.



Emily Hit Back On Instagram Tonight


Emily hit back on Instagram tonight

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