September 23, 2021

Emerydale’s Amy Walsh and East Enders’ Toby Alexander Smith are expecting their first child.

Emerald Star. Amy Walsh. She is expecting her first child with boyfriend Toby Alexander Smith, who works at East Enders.

The couple has been dating since late 2020 and announced a news release this morning. OK Magazine Special.Amy said she is “very excited to be a parent.”

He added: “It’s definitely something I’ve always wanted in my life and it just feels like a miracle, and it’s something magical that happened to us as easily as it did. With. ”

Toby was also very happy with the news.

He said: “We definitely feel this is the next step for us.

“We feel we have built such a great team and we can’t wait to go on this journey together.”

Amy, 34, is best known for her portrayal of Tracy Metcalfe on Emerald, and received critical acclaim for her post-depressive scenes last week.

Meanwhile, Toby, 31, is best known for his role as the villain Gray Atkins on East End.

It was rumored that the two soap stars would meet at the end of last year, and they performed together for the first time on the red carpet of ‘A Christmas Carol’ in London.

Talking about the good news, Amy said Toby and herself “laughed”, “cried” and “hugged” when they first found out she was pregnant.

He added: “It was a crazy moment because we didn’t expect it to happen so soon, and I think he thought I was meeting you. Didn’t you?”

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