Eight Questions Fans Must Answer Before Peaky Blinders Finale

Gangster thriller Peaky Blinders returns this week after a three-year hiatus – and audiences want answers.

Tommy Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy, and his gang are in danger at the end of the last episode after their attempt to kill Oswald Mosley ends in tragedy.


Peaky Blinders, starring Cillian Murphy, starts Sunday on BBC1 at 9pm.1 credit

BBC1’s production has also been hit hard by Covid and the death of leading lady Helen McCrory.

Associate TV editor FELICITY CROSS asks eight key questions that fans want to see answered in Season 6.

Peaky Blinders starts Sunday on BBC1 at 9pm.

1. How is Polly’s care handled?

Heavy smoker Polly Gray is featured in the script, which was supposed to be filmed in March 2020 before filming was delayed by Covid.

Then Helen McCrory, the actress who played her, died last year, meaning the drama’s makers had to rewrite huge parts of the plot.

Helen Mccrory Died Last Year, Which Meant That The Drama'S Creators Had To Rewrite Vast Sections Of The Plot.


Helen McCrory died last year, which meant that the drama’s creators had to rewrite vast sections of the plot.1 credit

Episode 5 could still pave the way for Polly’s departure. She decided to leave Blinders and wanted to start life anew.

But then her lover Aberama Gold – actor Aidan Gillen – was stabbed to death by an unknown assailant during an ambush.

Before actress Helen’s death, fans speculated that Polly might return to the herd hell-bent on revenge on the men who killed her fiancé.

But now the bosses could write her off, suggesting that his death had prompted her to disown Tommy and the gang that had kept her safe for years.

2. Tommy committed suicide?

TOMMY’s suicidal thoughts during his time on the battlefields in France during World War I came to a head in the closing moments of the final episode.

Inspired by the voice of his dead wife Grace (Annabelle Wallis), the gang boss put a gun to his head and screamed before the screen went black.

The Chances Of Him Being Dead Seem Slim As He Is Featured In An Advertisement For The New Series.


The chances of him being dead seem slim as he is featured in an advertisement for the new series.1 credit

Did he pull the trigger? And what would the gang do without their leader?

The chances of him being dead seem slim as he is featured in an advertisement for the new series.

But judging by the trailer, the injury does not let go.

3. Will Alfie Solomons return?

In a shocking turn of events, Tommy’s enemy Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy) is still alive.

Tommy went to Margate to ask for his help in assassinating fascist politician Oswald Mosley (Sam Claflin) in the last episode of the final series.

More Than Ever, Tommy Needs An Ally Like Alfie.


More than ever, Tommy needs an ally like Alfie.1 credit

Their scheme did not go according to plan. But now that Alfie knows what enemy Tommy is up against, there’s a chance they can work together.

And the trailer suggests Alfie will play a bigger role in Season 6.

More than ever, Tommy needs an ally like Alfie, and with his help, he may actually have a chance of defeating anyone who opposes him.

4. Did Gina sleep with Mosley?

Tommy’s cousin Michael Grey, played by Finn Cole, suggested that he take over the “family business” that would allow Shelby to start a new life in New York.

But when Tommy turned him down, Michael’s wife Jean (Anya Taylor-Joy) said, “Time for a second option.”

This Could Mean That Michael And Gina, Who Are Pregnant, Tipped Off A Rival Gang To Help Protect Mosley.


This could mean that Michael and Gina, who are pregnant, tipped off a rival gang to help protect Mosley.1 credit

Was it Plan B that killed Shelby? There is also a question mark above Gina.

In the run-up to a rousing rally before his assassination attempt, Mosley was seen having sex with a woman in his dressing room.

No one had ever seen her, but the blonde looked exactly like Gina’s.

This could mean that Michael and Gina, who are pregnant, tipped off a rival gang to help protect Mosley.

And show insiders speculated that we might see more from the American beauty and her family, saying, “Gina and whoever her family is will make a statement.”

5. Who betrayed Tommy?

The plan to kill Mosley fell through when the Blinders were seemingly betrayed.

Their hitman Barney Thompson – actor Cosmo Jarvis – was ready to kill before he was gunned down by a group of masked men.

Barney Thompson'S Hitman - Actor Cosmo Jarvis - Was About To Kill Before He Was Gunned Down By A Group Of Masked Men.


Barney Thompson’s hitman – actor Cosmo Jarvis – was about to kill before he was gunned down by a group of masked men.Credit: WARNING. Use of this image is subject to BBC Pictures Digital Image Terms of Use.

The enemy then attacked other members of the gang, including Aberama Gold, who was stabbed to death.

But who are they? And who was behind the leak that derailed the plan?

Mosley didn’t seem to notice, but there are many factions that would like blood.

Fans think that the ringleader could be a mole in the Blinder camp. Why else would their personalities be so mysterious?

6. Will Arthur Blinders leave?

Loyal soldier Tommy Arthur has fallen to pieces after being abandoned by wife Linda (Kate Phillips).

At the end of the last episode, he seemed to want to leave the Blinders, but lined up to play a part in the assassination attempt and nearly died during the autopsy.

Actor Paul Hinted In An Instagram Caption That His Arthur Stayed By Tommy'S Side Until The End.


Actor Paul hinted in an Instagram caption that his Arthur stayed by Tommy’s side until the end.Credit: Caryn Mandabach Productions Ltd., 2019

Will he leave his little brother Tommy at such an important time, the new series will show.

This seems unlikely as Paul hinted in an Instagram caption that his Arthur stayed by Tommy’s side until the end.

He wrote: “This is the first ever image of Tommy and Arthur.

“We raised these guns for the first time 10 years ago, and next month we put them down for the last time!”

7. Where is Finn and who did Billy call?

Someone at the Blinders camp appears to have informed the gang’s enemies of their assassination plans, proving that Tommy’s belief that there is a “black cat” inside must be justified.

The finger seems to point to younger brother, Finn Shelby (Harry Kirton) and friend Billy Grade (Emmett J. Scanlan).

Finn Told His Plan To Billy, Who Immediately Picked Up The Phone And The Fans Suspected That He Was Calling The Enemies Of The Blinders.


Finn told his plan to Billy, who immediately picked up the phone and the fans suspected that he was calling the enemies of the Blinders.Credit: Caryn Mandabach Productions Ltd., 2019

Finn revealed his plan to Billy, who promptly picked up the phone, and the fans suspected that he was calling the Blinders’ enemies.

And Finn was supposed to arrive at Bingley Hall for the assassination, but either never arrived, or hid in the shadows for the duration of the brawl.

The focus will be on two men in the sixth season when the mystery is solved.

8. How will the saga end?

The sixth series will be the last part of Peaky Blinders, and the action is moving towards that end.

Creator Stephen Knight said he always knew the series would end with the start of World War II.

Fans Want Tommy And The Visors To Win


Fans want Tommy and the Visors to win1 credit

He said: “Usually I go with a destination, and the main destination is the end of it all, which is the start of World War II.

“And I know what the scene is going to be, I know how it ends.”

Fans will want to see Tommy and the Blinders triumph, but with Billy, Michael, Gina and Mosley – and any number of unknown forces – hunting him down, it looks like he could be facing a losing battle.

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