October 25, 2021

Ed Sheeran joins music legends in tribute to Agent Steve Strange.

Music agent Steve Strange. Ash Twitter.

Ed Sheeran, Cold Play, Ash and Snow Patrol have all expressed their grief over the news of the death of a leading figure in the UK music business.

Mr. Strange was a co-founder of X-Ray Touring and worked with top talent throughout his long career.

In a post on Instagram, Ed Sheeran said it was a “very sad day, and a great loss.”

On Twitter, Coldplay said the band had a “bitter hour” with the popular agent last week.

“Despite his illness, he was still taking calls and watching the ticket count.”

“Despite his illness, he was still taking calls and watching the ticket count,” the band said.

Snow Patrol said the band’s agent “believed in us more than anyone else in the music industry.”

Also on Twitter, Ash members said: “We are heartbroken. Good night Mr. Steve Strange. Agent extraodinaire. Lion’s heart. Right out of the creek, he changed the business forever.”

“Our strength is our constant source. Our bright light. Miss you like crazy strategy.”

Agreeing with the definition of another Twitter account, the band added: “A pillar of the music community around the world. But never forget its roots. X.”

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