October 20, 2021

Ecuador’s president has declared a state of emergency following the deaths of more than 100 people in prison.


Ecuador’s prisons have killed more than 100 people in bloody clashes between rival groups, with 52 more injured, the state prison authority said on Wednesday, adding that troops had cordoned off the facility – much of the country. One of the burdens and lesser prisons.

prisoner. Armed with guns and grenades, he went to war. Tuesday at the Guayaquil Prison Complex: Clashes between inmates are thought to have taken place. Mexican Drug groups – mainly Sinaloa and Jalisco New Generation Cartels.

Troops and a tank guarded the complex Wednesday as police on patrol were confronted by family members of those who had been locked inside.

“We want information because we don’t know anything about our families, our sons,” said one woman, who did not want to be named. “My son is there.”

Tuesday’s violence was the latest in a series. Bloody clashes in prison In which about 180 prisoners were killed. Ecuador So far this year.

The SNAI Prison Authority said in a tweet that “more than 100” inmates had been confirmed dead and 52 more injured.

At least six were beheaded, the national prosecutor’s office said earlier in the day, adding that two police officers were injured in the operation to regain control of the prison.

Officers were attacked by inmates with guns.

President Guillermo Lasso announced on Twitter that he was announcing an “exceptional state” that would allow him to suspend rights and use public power to restore order.

Lasso said he would head a security committee in Coil to deal with the emergency, but also guaranteed the protection of the human rights of all involved.

The police in charge of the jail prevented “more deaths”, said Goyakil City Police Chief Fausto Boinano.

Ecuador’s prison system has become a strong battleground for thousands of prisoners from Mexico. Drug groups.

On February 23, simultaneous riots in four prisons, including Goyakil, killed 79 inmates, many of whom were beheaded.

‘A war’

Last week, police seized two pistols, a revolver, some 500 rounds of ammunition, a grenade, several knives, two ammunition sticks and home-made explosives from a city jail.

Prison officials said that two weeks ago, drones attacked Goyakil Prison No. 4 as part of a “war between international cartels.” There were no casualties in the attack.

“There has been a prison crisis since 2010, with an average of 25 massacres, but it has accelerated significantly since 2017 to the peak of this year,” Fernando Carion, Ecuador’s security expert, told AFP.

Ecuador’s prison system has 65 facilities designed for approximately 30,000 but has an actual population of 39,000 inmates. There is a chronic shortage of staff.

The country’s human rights ombudsman said there were 103 prison deaths in 2020, enabling corrupt prisoners to bring weapons and ammunition.

Is located between Colombia And Peru, The world’s leading cocaine producer, Ecuador is a major transit. Medicine Delivery to United States And Europe.

Guayaquil is Ecuador’s main port city.

Between January and August this year, Ecuadorian authorities seized about 11,116 tonnes of drugs, mainly cocaine, up from 128 tonnes in 2020.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) has condemned the ongoing violence in Ecuador’s prisons.



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