East Riding FA kicked Bridlington Town out of cup semi-finals for playing with ineligible player

Bridlington Town, pictured earlier this season against Pickering, have been excluded from the Senior FA Cup.

The Seasiders were supposed to host Pocklington Town in the semi-finals on Tuesday, March 1, but now the Skulcoats will take their place in the final four.

City Secretary Gordon Gillott said in a statement on the club’s website: “We were informed this morning that Bridlington Town have been excluded from the East Riding Senior Cup for playing an ineligible player against the Skulcoats fans and as such the Skulcoats fans have been reinstated in the competition. .

“I have to inform our fans that this was a real mistake on my part and I took full responsibility for this mistake. Manager Brett Agnew, his staff and the player concerned were in no way aware of the infringement and that is entirely up to me.

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“The player must have played for the team at least fourteen days before the draw is played. I thought this only applies to the semi-finals, since the player must play for the team at least twenty-eight days before the final. In the previous game against Hemingbrough United, the player simply had to register for the Northern Premier League.

“ERCFA rules are different from those for FA competitions because in the FA Cup, Trophy and Vase, the player must be registered with the club by noon on the Friday preceding the match.

“The ERCFA Challenge Cup Competition Rules state that “The Committee may disqualify a player and may exclude the club from the competition and/or impose such other penalty as it deems appropriate.” It is clear that the Committee has decided to expel the club, despite my call for leniency in light of their admission that this was a genuine mistake.

“I want to apologize to everyone associated with the club for my mistake and I hope that if they have any problems, they will resolve them with me personally and will not condemn my actions behind my back.”

City Council Chairman Pete Smurthwaite opposed the FAI rules shortly thereafter in a statement of his own.

He said: “I would like to express my disappointment with the ERCFA’s decision to exclude us from the Senior Cup tournament.

“Their rules are such that they are outdated and still lie on a carved stone tablet in the attic of the headquarters. needs to be seriously looked at.

“What is even more annoying is that Gordon actually spoke to the ERCFA Cup competition secretary an hour before the game and mentioned that the player had only recently signed with us, obviously this person does not know his own competition rules.

“We have always been a strong supporter of the competition over the years and I know that the alliance leagues are now looking into the overall situation with the County Cups, so there may well be changes in the future.

“Gordon did an excellent job as a volunteer as the secretary of this football club. This is the first time we have been punished for a mistake in his administration during his years as a secretary, especially since it is a very difficult job. Now we play at a higher level. He is highly respected by Northern Premier League and Northern Counties Eastern League officials for running his business efficiently.

“I wish the fans of Sculcoates all the best in the semi-finals as they are one of the local teams that my company has sponsored in recent years. The Humber League was originally formed by the ERCFA and they always wanted to have a Senior Cup final with both teams. represent the Humber League so this could be their year.

“Finally, we apologize to our management, officials, players and fans for this situation caused by a real error and believe that we can now focus on our main goal of maintaining our status in the Northern Premier League for next and future seasons.” .

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