September 20, 2021

East Kill Bride rapist convicted of assaulting 77-year-old man

A Predator has been found guilty of raping a 77-year-old woman who lied to her and offered her money for sex.

Scott Forrest, 53, admitted a helpless pensioner to his home in East Kill Bride before making a defamatory attack.

The aggrieved victim later cried tears of blood at the police station.

Forrest denied July 17, 2020. Crime During the trial in Glasgow High Court.

Instead, she insisted against OAP that she had come to his door and offered him 50 50 to sleep with her.

Fores was convicted of rape today when judges unanimously reversed the verdict.

Prosecutor Greg Farrell later revealed that Forrest was a serial offender with allegations of violence as well as rape and breach of peace.

Forrest will return to the dock next month.

After the verdict, the affected family members hugged each other.

Forrest came to the pensioner’s house and said: “You are coming with me.”

The woman was then placed in Forest’s home, pushed into a chair and her clothes “torn.”

Forrest – who called the woman “ab ****” – added during the horror attack: “You love her.”

After the woman left, she later went to a police station to report her trial.

Detective Sergeant Lindsay Laird recalled: “She was crying and shivering. She was wearing a skirt, but no tights.”

The woman did not testify in court during the trial.

But, his horrific police statement was read, which included his statement: “I begged him to go home.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“When I got home, I was crying, shivering and really upset.

“I can’t believe he did this to me. It’s so cruel. I was worried he would come after me.”

Forrest later lied to police and the woman came to his house instead.

Her QC John Scott told her during the trial: “You told officers you would be compensated for having sex with a woman, how much was involved?”

Forrest replied: “50.”

He said he was eventually given cash but did not remember where it was.

Forrest claimed that he later offered the woman a bacon roll.

Judge Graham Buchanan adjourned the sentence in Aberdeen until October 12 for reports.

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