October 17, 2021

East Antrim’s Eyes ‘Living Room’ Boom with a New Series of Visitor Attractive Plans

The Mid and East Interim Borough Council has made a funding bid of just over 220 euros for the Tourism NI Coved Recovery Program.

In addition to electric bike trails in Gulnarum, Whitehead and Island Maggie, a water sports center in Cornlow, a boat trip between Cornlow and Gulnarum and a visit to Victorian Whitehead are also proposed.

In addition, the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DEERA) is working to create new coastal visitor destinations “centers” in the Whitehead / Island Maiji and Glenrum / Cornello areas.

Glenarm is one of the areas being considered for the electric motorcycle trail.

Counselors have been informed that DAERA is developing a “Visitor Experience Development Plan” in collaboration with East Antrim businesses and local communities.

A report to the council’s Borough Growth Committee states: “By investing in new and improved experiences, these programs aim to spread the flow of tourists evenly across the country and create significant economic activity in rural areas.” To do

This is an important focus for the Council as we move forward with the economic recovery of our tourism economy.

“Attracting visitors to the borough by introducing new authentic experiences will increase the appeal of tourism in the region and encourage visitors to spend more and stay longer.”

Addressing a meeting of the Borough Growth Committee this week, Benside TV Councilor Timothy Gaston said there was “a huge opportunity in the years to come” for the establishment business in Central and East Antarctica, especially Kemper Van. Regarding motor supply. Home and shiny beans.

Michelle Weir, Local Democracy Reporter.

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