September 21, 2021

Earling Holland Updates, Wilshire refuses Como switch, Saul Nguyen holds first Chelsea training session

Spurs and Gunners K 220K.

London Premier League rivals raised more than 000 220,000 for charity with their pre-season Mind series matches.

With summer tours to Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea this year, the three competed against each other to help raise money for the mental health organization.

The tournament was a huge success with 8,228,064 Minds collected, as well as the three clubs’ own charitable foundations.

Athletes also participate in mental health awareness sessions to help fans help those around them.

Eric Dyer, Christian Plisk and Rob Holding spoke on video calls with young supporters who use Mind Services.

Mind Chief Executive Paul Farmer said: “We are very impressed with the level of support shown by the fans, players and staff during the Mind series.

“We know how powerful the football platform can be for change and the support of Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur has been invaluable in helping us shed light on mental health.

“Along with the awareness, the series has surpassed all our expectations in terms of the amount of funds raised for all our local and national services.

“At the national level, the funds raised will help support our Infoline and other consulting services that have been in question since the onset of the epidemic.”

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