September 20, 2021

E10 fuel latest – new gasoline to launch tomorrow but half a million drivers can not use it.

Which garage will sell E5 gasoline?

Most forecasts will continue to offer E5 petrol to about 600,000 car owners who will not be able to use E10 fuel.

However, there will be a significant number of petrol stations that will not be able to serve customers who cannot use the E10.

Asda will not sell any of its 320 forks in the UK. Tesco will offer E5 gasoline at about 90 percent of its 600 garages, meaning there will be about 60 sites that do not offer fuel.

Sainsbury also said that more than 300 of its sites will continue to sell E5. ESO, which has about 1,200 branded service stations in the UK, said it would offer only E10 fuel up to 200.

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