October 18, 2021

During the restoration of the case, the United States surpassed the death toll of 700,000.


According to Johns Hopkins University figures, the U.S. death toll from Cove-19 on Friday exceeded 700,000, equivalent to the population of the nation’s capital, Washington.

The critical limit is in a country where an average of more than 1,000 people die every day. 55.7% of the population is now fully vaccinated.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

After initial criticism of the epidemic, United States An effective organization Vaccinated Rollout – Just to see that a significant portion of Americans still refuse to take shots.

The United States finds itself the deadliest in the world. Other front runners like Brazil. And India, And due to the importance of the highly contagious delta type, cases face resuscitation.

Although the latest global corona virus wave was at its peak in late August, the virus is spreading rapidly, especially in the United States.

The vaccination campaign launched by US authorities in December – which peaked in April, sometimes with more than 400,000 injections per day – has slowed considerably.

Misinformation about the corona virus is spreading in the country, and. Masking is a political issue., Dividing many Americans.

Some Republican governors, such as in Texas and Florida, have sought to ban mandatory veiling in their states, citing individual freedoms.

The Democratic Republic of California, on the other hand, announced on Friday that the vaccine would be mandatory for all students.

In Washington, hundreds of thousands of white flags flutter across the grass on the National Mall, not far from the White House, as a strong reminder of the deaths of coyotes in the United States.

About 4.8 million people have died worldwide since the epidemic began in China in December 2019, according to official sources.



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