October 17, 2021

During COP26, Glasgow’s pubs, clubs and restaurants will be open for extra hours.

Pubs, clubs and restaurants in Glasgow will be open for extra hours during COP26.

Glasgow’s licensing board has agreed to allow an extra hour from the terminal hour when the UN climate conference is held at the SEC.

This decision applies to places where there is a premise license that allows the sale of alcohol on site – and will run from October 31 to November 12. Scotland Representative

A report submitted to the board revealed: “If the Licensing Board deems it appropriate to do so in connection with a particular event of local or national importance, the Licensing Board may commit to extending the licensing period to such period as the Board may I can explain. Commitment. ”

About 30,000 delegates from around the world. World He is expected to arrive in Glasgow for key climate talks, which US climate envoy John Kerry called the world’s “last chance” to avoid the worst effects of the climate crisis. President Joe Biden, below, is among the guests expected to visit the city.

The Licensing Board report added: “In addition to the programs designed to complement the important COP 26 program, the city will have a variety of fringe events in the hospitality and events sector to help businesses and residents Discussion on climate change

“COP26 provides an opportunity for a vibrant and vibrant ‘COP City’ to promote a successful conference, a successful host country and a safe and secure event.”

Dennis Hamilton, from the neighborhood and sustainability team, told a recent meeting of the city’s local licensing forum that Council It is hoped that the event will “benefit hospitality and licensed businesses”.

He said a “difficult balance” would need to be struck between “helping to grow the business” and preventing the spread of Covid 19. We want to benefit from having a COP in Glasgow, but we also want to make sure our businesses and homes are not compromised.

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