October 17, 2021

During a horrific cowardly test in Mexico, a Scottish diver fell into a coma after seeing his partner buy a blood transfusion.

In Mexico, a diver in a coma is fighting after a nearby deadly coyote was killed – when his partner had to buy blood to die.

Dave Duncan, 59, suffered from kidney failure, cerebral palsy, stroke and even lost the ability to speak or move.

Davy Duncan is slowly but surely fighting back after a terrible cowardly ordeal.


Davy Duncan is slowly but surely fighting back after a terrible cowardly ordeal.
Helen Smith went to Mexico to buy blood for her afflicted partner.


Helen Smith went to Mexico to buy blood for her afflicted partner.

Fellow Helen Smith, 50, turned to Central America and was forced to search for a rare A-blood stock costing 50 50 for her affected son.

Two Mexican soldiers and a police officer provided supplies to the hotel manager following an appeal for mercy.

Dewey of Fort William, Inverness Shire, has now surprised medical professionals by talking and walking after flying home on a private air ambulance – which had to be stopped immediately after his condition deteriorated.

The frightened father of the trio uttered a cold voice to Derek Draper, 54, husband of Telestar Kate Garaway.

Recalling the drama, Helen said: “Dewey had brain lesions which he thought were bacteria from the lungs that travel to the brain. Because of this he was suffering from multiple strokes.

“I had to spend a day driving in a taxi trying to buy blood from the blood banks. In Mexico, when the hospital transfers, you have to pay for the blood yourself.

“But because he has a rare blood type, finding someone was a real struggle.

The hotel manager, Francisco, called everyone he knew and met two Mexican Army boys and a police officer to donate.

“The Mexicans couldn’t do enough to help Dewey – they’re all heroes.”

Dewey, who fled the hill, was diagnosed with the worm on February 19 while working on a ship of the international firm Subsi 7 off the coast of Mexico.

He was taken off and placed in solitary confinement before being admitted to the hospital in Carmen on February 25. Three days later, he was in a coma.

Helen added: “He could barely breathe and he was in the hospital in the small village around which Kovid’s patients were dying.

“I am just worried. We are told that he is in a very bad condition and in a critical condition.

“It wasn’t as blunt as ‘he won’t live,’ but that’s what the doctors meant. We didn’t expect him to stay for five days.”

“Her symptoms were similar to those of Kate Gerrau’s husband. He suffered from kidney failure, blood problems and lost his speech and movement.”

On March 1, Dewey was admitted to a specialist private hospital in Valhermosa while fighting for his life.

Helen said: “I was able to fly on March 7 with the help of Subsea 7, which organized everything.

“I didn’t have to quarantine but I wasn’t able to see him for a few days because he was too sick for any visitors.”

Strick down.

He remained in a coma until the end of March, but suffered from a brain aneurysm that required blood.

His company sent him to Inverness on April 24, which included four refueling stops along the way.

But the plane had to land in Iceland when Dewey’s condition worsened and he feared he would have to be hospitalized again.

Helen recalled: “It was basically a flying intensive care unit. He had bad breath during the flight. He thought he was going to end up in the ICU in Iceland, but fortunately that didn’t happen.

Dewey returned on April 25 and has been at the IGU ever since he was at Regmore Hospital, Inverness.

Homeward bound

He has undergone a rigorous physio and has regenerated all four limbs.

And last month he was able to walk a short distance and even walk a mile on a wheelchair.

Helen said: “He is awake and able to talk, but because of the brain injury and paralysis, we do not know at what level he will recover.

“Now he has to learn to walk through rehabilitation. But the progress he has made is incredible. He is getting stronger every day.”

In a video message from his bed, Dewey told his loved ones: “Everyone has been the message of the Absolute God.

“I appreciate everything I’ve got. It’s wonderful. Thank you.”

Derek was diagnosed with the virus in March 2020 and suffered damage to his kidneys, liver, lungs, heart and pancreas.

She is cared for 24 hours a day at home.

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