October 18, 2021

Duchess Kate had a secret meeting with the TV boss while the study revealed that she is from the family line of ‘real poverty’

Kate Middleton can follow in the footsteps of her husband Prince William, and brother-in-law Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

According to a report in Mail online.The Duchess of Cambridge has been having secret meetings with David Glover, a high-profile TV executive and documentary producer who commissioned Channel 4’s hit show “Google Box.” Most recently, he made a telephone call with Glover last week.

According to the report, the couple may discuss a possible documentary about early childhood development, which is very close to the heart of the Duchess. The program features the BBC’s popular genology series “What do you think you are?” Can be realized, where celebrities discover their lineage and family history.

A royal source claimed to be keen on the royal show, and that his secret meetings with Glover were for “preliminary and investigative purposes”. “Catherine is very interested in a program. She thinks it can be a really important way to explore an important topic,” Androni said.

Kate was allegedly inspired by her husband Sir David Attenborough’s ecological series, “The Earth Shot Prize: Repairing Our Planet”, which was released by the BBC last week. The source explained, “She is very impressed with William’s efforts and knows how much fun he had in making his Earth Shot series.”

A Kensington Palace spokesman confirmed the meeting between him and Glover, but called it “private” and declined to give further details.

News of a possible documentary surfaced when Kate discovered four generations of her family as part of her work in early childhood development, with the aim of raising her from nine months to five years. To study the effect. Research by experts on her family tree has shown that the future queen comes from a family line of “real poverty”. The International.

Royal Editor Russell Myers, who presented the results, revealed that the Duchess’s lineage includes two major sections of society, one by her father, Michael Middleton, and the other by her mother, Carol Middleton. Myers said, “Of course, the interesting thing is that she came from a very working class background in the first generations. Her mother’s family, Carol’s family-goldsmith-came from real poverty, and “He was a coal miner, a carpenter, a laborer, a shop laborer. His ancestors are among them.”

“Obviously, his life is very different now. [comes] From a very rich family of wool merchants and I think there were lawyers and pilots in his lineage.

The investigation revealed that there were some elites in Kate’s family line, including the Countess, Earls, and even William Petty Fitz Morse, a one-time prime minister for 1782, who was also the first Marxist of Lance Down. ۔

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

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