Dramatic moment: Russian tank destroyed by Ukrainian missile: Putin’s invaders lost “3300 vehicles” in the war

A DRAMATIC video shows the moment a Russian tank is completely destroyed by a Ukrainian missile.

The wreckage of Vladimir Putin’s military vehicles is now strewn across the land he ordered his troops to invade, and new figures show that 3,330 vehicles have been destroyed.


The moment the rocket hit the tankPhoto: Twitter/@UAWeapons
Car On Fire


car on firePhoto: Twitter/@UAWeapons
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NATO said that in addition to the material cost of the tentative invasion, the Russian tyrant also saw up to 40,000 of his soldiers killed, captured, wounded or missing.

Putin expected a quick victory when he ordered the invasion of Ukraine, but fierce resistance has led to an increase in the death toll, with several generals and senior officers among the dead.

Recent drone footage shows a Russian tank exploding in a fireball as it is ambushed on the road.

Flame pours onto a row of trees on one side, burning debris flies towards the nearest factory on the other, and soon the tank is enveloped in thick smoke.

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According to Ukraine Weapons Tracker researchers who posted the video on social media, the tank’s type is impossible to determine, as “almost nothing is left.”

They also released a horrifying photo of the burnt section of the road where the tank was hit, showing only black outlines.

The attack used the second-generation Stugna-P laser-guided anti-tank missile system developed by the Luch design bureau in Kiev.

They typically fire 130mm caliber rockets and can be remotely controlled from up to 50 meters away.

Ukraine has amassed a huge anti-tank force with a large number of missiles from the UK, the US, Germany and other countries to add to its own arsenal.

The UK has said it will provide an additional 6,000 NLAW missiles, bringing the number to 10,000 sent to Ukraine, Boris Johnson said.

Russia has suffered heavy losses of equipment since the beginning of the invasion on 24 February.

New data from the Ukrainian armed forces reveals the losses their forces are inflicting on Russian equipment.

They claim to have knocked out 517 tanks, 1,578 other armored personnel carriers, 1,008 vehicles, 80 rocket launchers, 70 fuel trucks and 47 anti-aircraft missiles.

Earlier this week, a dramatic Call of Duty video shows a Ukrainian amphibious BTR-4 firing at two Russian vehicles in Mariupol, in southern Ukraine.

In the video, filmed from inside the BTR-4, the gunner follows the camera in the footsteps of a Russian tank.

First, he strikes at a Russian armored personnel carrier hidden behind a wall of tires and crates.

Then, as the Russian soldiers look around for the source of the attack, the tank is blown up several times.

Russia accidentally reported that it had lost 10,000 troops when the figure was released by a pro-Kremlin newspaper, although NATO has said the figure could be as high as 15,000.

If NATO’s assessment is correct, then Russia’s losses in just under a month in Ukraine are now the same as they suffered during their ten-year war in Afghanistan, which ended in 1989.

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In response to his failed invasion, Vladimir Putin reportedly purged the top general.

Adding to Putin’s woes, one of his inner circle deserted and fled Russia to protest the war, becoming the highest-ranking Kremlin official to fall out of action.

They Say It'S All That'S Left Of A Russian Tank.


They say it’s all that’s left of a Russian tank.Photo: Twitter/@UAWeapons
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