September 22, 2021

Drake has been dating this influential man for months

Drake has been secretly dating Johanna Leah for a few months now, and even sponsors her son.

Dusk and Leah, an influential and reality TV star based in Los Angeles, sparked romance last week after being found having dinner outside Dodgers Stadium. They had a well-seated table on the first base line in the stadium, which, according to Dodgers sources, was a big thank you to Drake for his generous donation to the team’s charity foundation.

According to a report in TMZ, The pair started seeing each other long before the date. Sources close to the couple told the outlet that they first met months ago through high school basketball, and from there their relationship grew. Leah’s son Amari Bailey, whom he shares with former NFL player Aaron Bailey, is also a basketball player and currently plays for Sierra Valley High. Drake was previously seen in a Bailey game with Leah and Michael B. Jordan. ]