October 18, 2021

Dr. Joe signaled for Billy Piper to return.

Piper starred in the show between 2005 and 2008 as Rose Tyler, Christopher Ecclestone’s partner and. David Tennant.Dr.

In a cameo video, the actor said that if that moment was right, she would consider changing the role.

Billy Piper said: “I keep in touch with people.

“Will I go back? I think if the story was true.

“I think I’ve taken a lot of time out of it to really get back into it.

“I think my kids are at an age where they will appreciate it too, which is often my motivation to do something.”

Glasgow Times: Bailey Piper played David Tennant as Doctor Who Assistant Rose Tyler.  Credit: BBC Bailey Piper played David Tennant as a doctor with assistant Rose Tyler. Credit: BBC

The news comes as Russell T. Davis, who was behind the time Lord’s resurrection, is set to return.

Davis, who left the show in 2009, will do so. Return in 2023 to celebrate Dr. Conn’s 60th birthday..

He said: “I’m excited to be back at my favorite show.

Glasgow Times: Russell T. Davis will return as a doctor.  Photo: Jane Barlow / PA WireRussell T. Davis will return as a doctor. Photo: Jane Barlow / PA Wire

“But we’re traveling very fast, with my friend and hero Chris Chabelle, there’s a whole series of Judy Whitaker’s wonderful doctor in which I’m here – I’m still watching.”

The BBC’s drama director Pierce Wenger says: “As the 13th Doctor prepares for a new and extraordinary adventure, the winds of change are blowing.

“We are delighted to have Russell back at the Doctor who has built on the great achievements of Chris and Judy. Thank you to both of them and the team in Cardiff for all they do for the show and Russell, your It’s great to be back.

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