October 20, 2021

Dozens of Uber drivers have gathered in Glasgow as part of a nationwide strike.

Dozens of Uber drivers have gathered across the country as part of the strike, demanding fair pay and commissions.

They demonstrated on Washington Street in Glasgow when they were hit by rain. These included pipers and drummers when they demanded payment from the company for all work, time, as drivers are paid only when they have passengers and the company reduces its commission rate by 15%. ۔

Eddie Grace, chair of the Glasgow branch of the App Drivers and Courier Drivers Union, said:

Glasgow Times:

“Our demands are simple. Ober should fully comply with the decision of the Supreme Court and stop violating the decision of the country’s highest court.”

At the demonstration, one driver said: “We have enough, we are sick of it and that is why we stand in solidarity today.

“You don’t know who you’re talking to Uber. It’s all through the app.

“We want to be paid all the time we work, not when we are at work.”

“We are here to show solidarity with drivers across the UK and say enough is enough.”

The drivers then marched up and down Washington Street, led by Pipers and members of the public, as well as fellow Uber drivers passing by.

Glasgow Times:

“What do we want? Fair pay! When do we want? Now!” There were also slogans. And “No more robo firing.” This means that drivers can see their app disappear without warning.

A spokesman for Uber said: “Following the historic trade union recognition agreement with GMB, drivers have an even stronger voice inside Uber.

“We are working with our trade union partners to improve the quality of drivers through greater transparency and engagement.

“GMB represents drivers such as earnings, inactivity and the implementation of new worker benefits such as holiday pay and pensions.”

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