Don’t let a bad final cover up the fact that Lacazette’s lack of goals will cost Arsenal dearly in their Champions League dream.

Michel Arteta said before this match that he was counting on Alexandre Lacazette to get Arsenal back in the Champions League.

Well, I’m sorry, Mikel, but this evidence may disappoint you.


Alexandre Lacazette is still stuck with three goals in the Premier League this season.1 credit
He Huffed And Huffed, But Struggled To Find His Shooting Boots.


He huffed and huffed, but struggled to find his shooting boots.1 credit

Don’t be confused or misled by the dramatic 96-minute scenes at the Emirates.

Yes, Lacazette had the first shot that saw Arsenal win the clutch with their last breath.

Yes, he threw wild festivities and took the worship away from the crazy home believers.

Yes, Arteta headed straight for him after the main whistle a few seconds later as the Gunners closed in on fourth-placed Manchester United.

But let’s be honest, it actually felt more like a gunner’s misfire, scratching his shot in the leg of Romain Saissa and wayward hand of José Sa.

Officially, he counts as Sa’s own goal, meaning the Frenchman has only managed three goals in the Premier League all season.


This score has not changed since the Boxing Day penalty.

Lacazette put in a lot of effort today against Wolverhampton.

Yes, he chuckled. Yes, he puffed.

But there was no way to destroy the Wolves’ home of protection before Sa’s luck ran out.

Laka ditched his custom-tailored Despicable Me boots after a 1-0 win over Molineux two weeks ago to opt for a regular pair.

But, to the dismay of everyone associated with Arsenal, it does not appear to be his shooting boots either.

The combination of the Wolves’ heroic blocking, a decent goalkeeper, and just a poor conversion failed the former Lyon player time after time.


Let’s not forget that this striker’s contract has ended and he is also playing for his future.

All of his great off-the-ball defensive work, connection with teammates, and rare experienced head in this young Gunners team is unfortunately worth nothing if you don’t do your main job of getting the ball into the net.

Alexander Isak, Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Victor Osimhen were linked with Lacazette’s replacements on Arteta’s side the following season.

But it is worth looking at today’s opponent No. 9 Raul Jimenez.

But for now, back to Arsenal.

Forget the hard work and uncompromising stance that certainly deserves admiration and praise, this random ending shouldn’t mask reality.

Arteta needs Lacazette to score regularly over the next 14 matches.

It sounds harsh on a night of jubilation, but there’s a simple formula: no goals = no place in Europe’s top table next season.

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Lacazette Played His Part In The Winning Goal Against Wolverhampton.


Lacazette played his part in the winning goal against Wolverhampton.1 credit
The Joy Was Obvious, But The Goal Will Remain For José Sa.


The joy was obvious, but the goal will remain for José Sa.1 credit

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