September 17, 2021

Don is the main blockbuster of the year. Dennis Valenzuela made a film about the incomprehensible of the universe, which takes your breath away.

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Save Medusa!

Wait! Venice hosted the premiere of “Dawn” – Dennis Valenzuela’s blockbuster, which has not been released for a long time due to the corona virus epidemic. In Russia, the film will be released soon – the release will start on September 16. Valenzuela worked hard to create a screen version of Frank Herbert’s novel, which neither David Lynch nor Alejandro Judorowski completed. Hollywood’s main science fiction director has succeeded – the audience will not see such a famous story of Paul Atredis (played beautifully by Timothy Chalamite), but a wonderful picture of the incomprehensibility of the world around him (and the sand). Insects!). Medoza film critic Anton Dolan talks about the premiere.

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