September 18, 2021

Do better schools always mean property prices?

The latest ranking of Scottish secondary schools has recently come out with some surprising results as Jordan Hill tops the list for the fifth year in a row. However, there is a glimmer of light for Renfrewshire, with Graff High School rising from tenth place last year to third place in 2021, which may mean that our children’s education is more accessible in Scotland’s top schools. ۔

House prices Scotland The overall epidemic has risen and continues to rise this year, with Scotland’s 6% YoY rising to 9,189,729, the highest average house price in years. But fortunately for home buyers who want to move to areas with these top schools, that means paying 9% less than the average home price in Scotland. For the top 5 schools alone, the average house price in 5 areas is 2,172,398. And with the government’s new mortgage scheme offering 95% mortgages, deposit savings in the more desirable area could come close.

Jordan Hill, Glasgow.

At the top of the list of schools for the fifth year in a row, Jordan Hale is known not only for his academic achievements but also for his unique admission rules. According to its board of managers, the school’s primary function is to serve the community in which it resides, so admission is preferred to those who live locally. And locally, this means that there is a very narrow area around the school, which means that immediately nearby addresses are hot features for those who want to secure a future space for their children. Want.

When it comes to securing a property in the catchment area of ​​Jordan Hill, due to its small size and the popularity of the school, you will need to work fast when a new home becomes available. Property types vary, though, from 2-bedroom flats to grand 4-bedroom Victorian homes reserved for Glasgow’s West End. At the moment, you can pay upwards of 245,000 for a 3-bedroom home in the Jordan Hill area, valued at more than 400 400,000 to ensure that your school catchment area I am For a 2 bedroom flat in the surrounding area, you’ll see a starting price of approximately 24 245,000.

St. Ninen’s and Mary’s Castle, East Renfreshire.

Located in one of the wealthiest areas of East Ranfroshire, Gaffnak’s St. Ninen’s High School has been a popular name at the top of Scotland’s list of best schools, ranking fourth to second. According to the school’s handbook, it serves the Clarkston community and is affiliated with 4 primary schools in the area – where the majority of their students come from. Therefore, in order to have the opportunity to attend this high school, your child will need to attend one of their respective primary schools or live within the catchment area that covers different areas of East Ranfroshire, such as Gfnk, Clarkston, Newton Marines, Eaglesham and Thornley Bank.

East Renfrewshire schools topped the list, with 3 positions in the top 10, Marines Castle 5th and Williamwood High School 8th. Marines Castle is in the top five, down three places from last year.

Students moving to Marines Castle typically come from local cluster primary schools, including Eagle Shem Primary, Karkhul Primary, Maidenhall Primary and Marines Primary.

Like St. Nanny’s, property prices around this area are at the top of the list in terms of their location and types of properties. In terms of real estate purchases, home prices are at an all-time high and the average home price in East Renfreshire is 32 322,519.

This is an increase of 69% over the national average. However, flat prices are cheaper, with an average price of 17 7,177,317, which is again higher than the national average. Although you will find a good array of property styles, and affordable housing can be found between fine houses and Victorian terraces.

One area where you’ll find some beautiful homes is the Newton Marines, both traditional and modern, and you may find yourself with a soccer neighbor. Prices depend on it. StyleThe age and size of the property, for example, a modern, newly built 5 bedroom home can have a starting price of approximately £ 480,000. Although you can also save 3 bedrooms in less than -300,000.

Griffith High, Renfreshire.

This year’s amazing entry in the form of Graff High in Ranfreshire, which has jumped from tenth to third, means good news for pre-school students and a glimpse for those in Ranfreshire. Light up This also means that getting a place in one of Scotland’s top schools will not be an expensive move as Renfrewshire is one of the most reasonably priced areas to live in, and the catchment area is the largest on our top list. Is.

The average property price in Renfrewshire is 6,156,028, which is lower than the national average for both houses and flats. The catchment area for Griff is a large area, stretching from Houston, the Bridge of Ware and Kalcolm to the past. You can currently pay around £ 150,000 for a two-bedroom flat on the Bridge of Ware and about £ 200,000 for a three-bedroom house in Houston. Renfrewshire is a great passenger destination with plenty of public transport links, close to the motorway and Glasgow Airport is a short drive away, or a taxi ride away. Great for long summer vacations.

Dunn Blaine, Sterling.

Now heading east to Dunblin High School, which is slipping from third to fourth, is firmly in the top five. For enrollment, students from Dunblin Primary School, Newton Primary School, and St. Mary’s Episcopal Primary School automatically transfer to Dunblin High at the end of their primary. Education If they live in the catchment area which is Dunn Blaine, Ashfield and Kunbuck.

With the exception of East Renfrewshire, property prices in Sterling are higher than in other areas, averaging 9,179,499.

This may sound remote, but Dunn Blaine offers excellent transport links to Glasgow and Edinburgh so you don’t have to compromise on your work trip if you want to go to improve your child’s education. ۔

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Please contact schools directly when you are in the catchment area to consider applying for a place to check your property postcode. Property prices correct at the time of printing.

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