October 22, 2021

Djokovic wins US Open semifinals, sets the stage for a rare calendar Grand Slam.

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World number one Novak Djokovic is far from one of the most successful matches in the Games, he defeated the German Alexander Zverev 4-6 6-2 6-4 4-6 6-2 in the United States with the Calendar Grand Slam. ۔ Open semi-final Friday.

Djokovic The men’s record of 21 Grand Slam titles led to a win and revenge. Xavier defeated at the Tokyo Olympics In front of a roaring crowd inside Arthur Ashe Stadium, Rod Lever sits in the front row, the last man to do so, 52 years after receiving the feat.

Currently most men’s tennis titles for a major three-way tie with 20 pieces. Roger Federer. And Rafa NadalDjokovic could surpass his rivals in the number of Grand Slam trophies he wins on Sunday.

Both Federer and Nadal missed the last major of the year due to injuries.

Djokovic said there was only one match left.

“I’m going to put my heart and my soul and my body and my head into it. I’m going to treat the next match as it is the last match of my career.”

He will face Russia’s Daniel Medvedev in Sunday’s final, when world number two defeated 21-year-old Canadian Felix Auger Eliasim in his semifinals.

Djokovic gave the Germans their first break of the night with a double fault in the first set but showed no mercy otherwise, dismissing 41 winners and a dozen aces throughout the match.

The third set was about survival of the fittest. Djokovic made a 40-0 header in the 10th game just to see if Xavier blocked two break points through marathon rallies, including an exchange of 53 shots, before he set a set point. Broke the German service for

Two sets tied, Djokovic won the rally by 30 shots for the opening break, but saw Xavier convert into the seventh game after stopping four break points. He broke Xavier’s serve in the next game before raising his arm from the crowd for wild pleasures.

“The best atmosphere of the tournament so far,” said Djokovic, who has at times had a good relationship with the New York crowd. “These are the moments we live in and these are the unique opportunities we dream of every day.

The evening was another disappointment for Xavier, who came within two points of winning the tournament a year ago and should have gone empty-handed again after Roland Garros reached the semi-finals.

“Alexander is a great champion, is there anyone I admire on and off the court?” Djokovic said.

“I knew coming to court today would be a big fight, as we said before this match. I hope we will bring energy.”


The 34-year-old Serbian faced some problems this year at the Billy Jean King National Tennis Center, which beat sixth-ranked Matteo Beretini in the quarterfinals after 2021, in which he lost just five matches.

They beat Medvedev 5-3, most recently beating Russia in straight sets in the final of the Australian Open.

“It’s going to be a fight against another guy who’s in great form,” Djokovic said. On the other hand, I’m giving away everything I could possibly have in the tank to win this match.

He has won the US Open trophy three times before, and now equals Roger Federer’s record of 31 big men’s singles finals, but steadfastly with questions about a possible calendar slam after his semi-final match. Avoided.

“I know we want to talk about history. I know it’s on the line. I’m familiar with it. Of course I’m familiar with it.”

“But I’m just trying to shut down the things that I know works for me. I have my own routines, my people. I separate myself. I do everything necessary for the next war. Gather energy, just the next match, the next match. “

Although tennis fans around the world are enjoying endless debate over who among the “Big Three” of tennis can truly claim the title of “Greatest of All Time”.

“If you look at the statistics, if you look at the pure game of tennis action, it’s the biggest ever,” Zverev said. “No one is with him, because in most weeks the world’s No. 1, most Masters 1000 titles, are going to be the most Grand Slams at the end of most days.

“And he has a chance to win all four in the same year. How are you going to compete?”



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