September 21, 2021

Disruption of parking at Bishop Briggs School near Glasgow raises safety warnings.

Residents living near a primary school are warning that their lives are in danger due to parking chaos in the children’s housing complex.

Changes to the road roll at St. Helen’s Primary School in Bishop Burgess have caused a stir in the nearby Palmer Court as motorcyclists are swamping the state with their vehicles.

Homeowners have faced furious encounters – including an alleged attack – with drivers regularly blocking access to the Wester Cladens Road area.

Glasgow Times:

Read more: A 10-year-old boy was hit by a car while driving to school at Glasgow Primary School ‘waiting for an accident’

And, the Glasgow Times believes an ambulance was unable to reach the state last year due to the number of parents’ cars parked on Palmer Court.

Fresh parking arrangements via East Dunbartonshire. Council This means that there is now a ‘No Waiting Zone’ on Wester Caledons Road near the primary.

But the local authority has insisted it cannot include the Palmer Court under the new rules.
The decision has been criticized by families living in the state.

Glasgow Times:

One resident – who asked not to be named – claims to have survived several beatings while trying to pick up his daughter from another school.

He said: “The council knows that these new measures will only worsen the situation and endanger lives. Will use on

“However, the council does not care about the safety of the children.

“If it is not ready to include Palmer Court in the new restrictions, the council should not take the road. However, it seems that they are adopting this road as a non-government car park for their local schools.” Is.

East Dunbartonshire Council, however, has said it does not have the authority to restrict the use of private parking spaces in Palmer Court – it is in the hands of landlords and agents.

Glasgow Times:

Thomas Glenn, Deputy Chief Executive for Location, Neighborhood and Corporate Assets, said: “The Council continues to work with schools to raise public awareness of the dangers to children of unnecessary parking and driver misconduct. ۔

“Our goal is always to encourage more families to drive and thus reduce the number of cars and traffic around schools. However, when parents choose to use their cars, they are advised to go to schools.” Avoid parking on the zig zag outside and always park safely and carefully

The parking at Palmer Court is a mix of privately owned parking lots and some public parking lots.

“Unfortunately, the council does not have the authority to restrict the use of private premises. This can only be done by the owners or their factors.

“Blocking access to private space is a barrier imposed by the police. Scotland And the police keep highlighting the issues surrounding Council Palmer Court to our colleagues in Scotland.

“Parking in a private place is a crime and it is a civil matter.

“The private ownership of many of the parking lots at Palmer Court means that it is not considered practical or appropriate to try to enforce and manage restrictions in public areas currently limited to development.”

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