September 23, 2021

Dilapidated homes will be renovated by Glasgow City Council.

Old broken houses need to be protected from later damage. Council Agreed to step into a force to solve major problems.

The buildings in the East Polk Shields are more than 100 years old, dating back to 1919, and without many factors.

Glasgow City Council fears private owners do not have adequate insurance.

And now the council’s owners, working with the Southside Housing Association, are ready to implement the acquisition of large-scale properties if necessary.

Small-scale repair owners will receive cash to cover costs as long as they agree to set a factor and obtain building insurance.

A survey was conducted in January 2020 on 120 homes connected to Netsdale Road, Darnley Street, St. Andrews Road and Shields Road.

A paper on the bidding for the repairs was submitted to the Pollowshields Area Partnership on Tuesday.

The article states: “The Glasgow City Council and the Southside Housing Association are committed to tackling the dilapidated property and management issues within the pre-1919 tenancy housing stock in the area and to entering into a partnership agreement.” Are trying

Both companies will develop a “strategy” and a “work program” to fix the property and deal with private owners. Preference will be given to those who need action.
The meeting was briefed on the ongoing progress in rehabilitating fire-damaged tenement sites in recent years.

Albert Drive will also be recreated. The Southside Housing Association will conduct a feasibility study to convert Albert Drive Church into a home.

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