October 22, 2021

Devon Pride offers electrical performance in Paris News

Country music singer Devon Pride wowed the audience at the Country Music Dinner Theater at First Christian Church on Monday night with his stage presence, storytelling, musical talents and incredible voice.

When the lights went out during one of his most energy breaks on the electric guitar, Pride didn’t remember a beat when he left the stage and walked out of the audience where the cell phone lit up his path.

After the power was restored a few minutes later, Pride returned to the stage to continue his father’s performances with songs from more than 29 countries and to learn more about his life as the son of Country Music Hall of Fame artist Charlie Pride. Write personal stories. .

The artist talked about how complicated his father was and told about the time when he heard his father singing a song from a pop hit, to which his father replied that his No hidden lyrics are required for the songs.

“He said that singing can be a tool if you can’t understand every word,” said the son.

The artist expressed his appreciation for his father, his love for the music business and how much his father wanted him to be like him, as he said in a conversation with Violin Jennings, a close friend of his father. ۔

Fakhr said, “My father wanted a clone and he got it.” Whelan knew that my father wanted me to be like him, and like to tear my father apart, but Whelan always wanted me to be himself. Said. “

After more than an hour of performances by the singer, praise for his abilities can be heard in the audience.

“This is the best show ever,” said Neil Aids. “It’s great to hear that. It’s just incredible.”

“He’s made Charlie,” said Alan Weatherford. “Charlie couldn’t play the guitar like his son.” “It simply came to our notice then. I look forward to hearing from you again next year.

Weatherford added that the music of pride comes from the heart.

“It comes from here,” the former county commissioner said, placing his hand on his heart. “You can tell how much he loves his work.”

Event coordinator Ronnie Nutt confirmed that Pride would return for the third time next year.

“I’ve already booked it,” Nutt said.


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