September 22, 2021

Demand double yellow lines to deal with dodge parking on Paisley Street.

More than 40 residents are calling. Council Chiefs will line up double yellow lines in Paisley Street after raising concerns about Dodge parking.

A request has been made by Mr H. Lester to the local authority to take action on Gartmore Road in the Ralston area of ​​the city.

The document claims that people living on Hawkhead Road are not using their driveways and are instead parking at or near the junction with Gartmore Road.

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Residents say it is creating a narrow street door that has almost caused many drivers to crash.

Meanwhile, the petition – signed by 43 people – states that school children crossing the road are at risk from faulty parked cars.

Gartmoor Road is also used by several drivers as a shortcut to avoid traffic lights at the intersection of Glasgow Road and Hawkehead Road, which residents say is further complicating the problem and the area. It can only get worse with new homes being built.

“Cars parked on Gartmoor Road (mainly Hawkehead Road parking lots for residents who do not use their driveways) are forcing motorists to enter or exit a narrow space near or around the corner. Cars avoid collisions. ” The council reads the petition.

“Motorcycle parking and Gartmore Road use only ignore access signs.

School children crossing the road are being put at risk as parked cars block the driver’s sight.

“Because we have a number of schools that use Hawkhead Road, this issue of child safety needs your immediate attention. The child’s view is limited to parked cars when crossing Gartmoor Road.

“We, the residents of Gartmoor Road, want the council to make our road entrance a double yellow line and use our road as a shortcut to avoid the lights at the junction of Glasgow Road and Hawkhead Road.” Consider a solution to stop them. ”

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The council’s petitions board met on Monday to discuss the issue, but, as Mr Lester did not present, members postponed a decision until the next meeting so they could make their case.

Road owners say the accident record in the area shows only one incident in which minor injuries occurred in the last three years, but officials have promised to inspect the junction further.

The documents state that if the problem is as severe as stated, the council will promote a “no waiting time” ban.

Officials say consultations will have to take place to enforce the yellow lines and it could take about a year for the traffic order process to be completed before any lines are painted.

The council also said it would not stop drivers using Gartmoor Road as a shortcut and suggested that people contact police to see if people could be fined. No car ‘ban that already exists.

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