September 25, 2021

Delta’s return to campus due to Facebook’s delay caused a variety of outrages.

Facebook on Thursday postponed the return of workers to the office until early next year due to increasing cases of delta variants of the corona virus.

The leading social network has set a new goal of bringing employees back to its campus in January, but has promised to provide them with adequate notice before submitting.

In response to an AFP inquiry, a Facebook spokesperson said: “No dates, let’s move forward with our approach to return to the office.”

“We monitor the situation and work with experts to ensure that our return to office plans puts everyone’s safety first.”

The spokesman said that for now, the figures show an increasing number of cases involving delta variants.

In addition to postponing workers’ return, Facebook has required people in offices to wear masks, even if they have been vaccinated. Photo: AFP / Chris Delmas

Google, Facebook and Microsoft have said that returning workers will need a vaccine against Covid 19.

Facebook also requires people in offices to wear masks, even if they have been vaccinated.

At Microsoft, the initial reopening date for US services will be October 4, according to the Washington-based computing giant.

E-commerce company Amazon has confirmed that it is postponing the return of employees to its corporate offices until January next year, as expected.

Google has this month rolled out its campus for immunized employees and extended the global option to work from home until October 18.

Critics of the unions and the mandate have spoken out against the vaccine, citing personal freedom arguments.

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