October 25, 2021

Dedicated veteran and therapy dog ​​pair honored for National Service Dog Month

September is National Service Dog Month. It’s time to raise awareness and appreciate the dog’s extraordinary work.

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Julian King and his beloved service dog, Mocha, are being honored for dedicating this month to the community in Koz Bay, Oregon. In the last nine years, the couple Visited almost every hospital and senior residential facility in the area.

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Finding a purpose after retirement.

King is a veteran of the US Army and National Guard. After retirement, he found himself at VA Hospital, where he was seen by several service dogs. Comfortable paps impressed him that when he was released he found his dog.

“I needed something to help me get back to life in the urban world,” King told KMTR News.

This “something” came in the form of a 7 week old lab dog. King and Mocha have been inseparable ever since. He was asked to join soon. Dear Friends Therapy Dog Organization., Where Mocha received his service training.

“Doing all this is a kind of forward payment, but it’s all about paying back,” King said.


Making a difference, one community member at a time.

In Dear Friends Therapy Dog, volunteers and their certified therapy dogs visit local schools and healthcare facilities. According to their website:

It has long been proven that casual interactions between animals, especially dogs and humans, have decreased, and even decreased, in old age, depression, poor health, hospitalization or confinement. Of the many troubles associated with We believe that even short walks and contact with soft dogs have contributed to the mental health of many people.

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Although the 19 epidemics have made travel more difficult in the past 18 months, King and Mocha are determined to do their best to serve their community. However, King himself knows how healing a therapy dog ​​can be.

“When she goes to visit her people, when she’s there, there’s very little pressure on them. Everyone wants to raise her, and to feel like a good dog is just a comforting feeling, and so is behaving.” They find peace. “


Ex-servicemen and dogs – a great combination.

Throughout September, there is VFW. Recognize all veterans who are still serving their local communities. If you are an experienced and have a story that includes a service dog, a working dog, a therapy dog ​​or an emotional support dog, VFW wants to hear about it.!

At iHeartDogs, we believe that veterans and dogs belong to each other. That’s why we’ve helped raise 60 606,308 and reunite veterans with their fellow dogs. Learn more about us. Pets and Animals Program. And how you can help.

H / T and featured image. KMTR News

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