September 21, 2021

Declan McKenna TRNSMT sets the stage for the main stage.

Refresh Stage Of Glasgow’s two best-selling shows, singer-songwriter Declan McKenna has his eyes set on his next Scottish gig – and it promises to be a big one.

The young star, who hails from north London, picked up SWG3 Galvanizers for a two-night stay last week as part of a tour of the UK in support of his sophomore album Xerox.

The 22-year-old, dubbed the ‘Voice of the Race’ by many as his anthem for the British protest rocks, made his triumphant return to the main stage of the TRNSMT next weekend in front of 50,000 revelers. Is backed up.

Declan said. Glasgow Times“TRNSMT is what really makes us special. We’ve done it twice before, both times we’ve remembered it as one of the most exciting and exciting crowds of the year.”

“There’s something special about the Glasgow crowd – especially the TRNSMT because it has fond memories for us.

“Energy is always something to look forward to and it’s always exciting for us to come back.

“There are only a few festivals where you can follow your progress by looking back at your memories from the set – TRNSMT is one of them.”

Glasgow Times: Declan McKenna performed on the main stage during the 2018 TRNSMT Festival.  Credit: Andrew Milligan / PADeclan McKenna performs on the main stage during the TRNSMT Festival in 2018. Credit: Andrew Milligan / PA

The Brazilian singer performed on stage at the beginning of the festival in 2017. What do you think of the car before the release of his critically acclaimed debut album? – and placed himself on the main stage the following year.

In 2018, a huge crowd gathered on its set and since then it has become the most viewed full performance of Declan online, which has received over 600,000 views on YouTube so far.

He said: “We made that little mess on the King Tit stage, then on the main stage was our biggest festival crowd at the time.

“It’s going to be really good, come back and see what awaits us because it’s been a time we’ve always been very welcome.

“I’ve been buzzing for this year and I think there’s a band. I think it’s clear in everyone’s mind how good the last time was and we’re hoping to do just one up.

“Trying to take things a step further has been a moving topic this year, and I’m sure in a year and a half, the crowd will feel the same way.”

Known for its modern style in the classic 70’s glam rock era, the star’s signature style has proved to be a hit. Music Fans from far and wide in the last six years

Reflecting on his back-to-back SWG3 headliner shows, Declan described how he was “blown away” by the atmosphere and praised the city’s “unique” world-famous crowd.

Glasgow Times:

He said: “Glasgow is one of those kinds of microclimate of energy and excitement, and you have these slogans, which are absolutely unique.

“The first night at SWG3 was probably the live show so far. It was wild. We’re so thankful for that. I couldn’t stop thanking the audience because it was so great.

“We’ve clearly read and done leads – which are a lot of pressure shows – and then we’ve come to Glasgow, stepping on stage and still a little nervous about it all.

“It’s just like that, ‘Thank God everyone is ready for it and so welcome. Thank God we got the Glasgow crowd tonight.’

Declan explained that playing two nights at the venue meant he was given the best opportunity to tell his best tour joke.

Joke? “He says you play this position twice in your career: once going up, once going down. It’s great to come back.”

One thing is for sure, this glam rocker is definitely not coming down.

He’s here – and he’s here to stay.

Declan McKenna will play the main stage at the TRNSMT Festival on Sunday, September 12.

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