September 19, 2021

Deadly Asian tiger mosquitoes approached Britain after being spotted on an English channel when authorities issued a warning.

Authorities have warned that deadly Asian tiger mosquitoes are approaching Britain after being found only on the English Channel.

The French Regional Health Agency said in a statement that the dangerous insects had been discovered in the Domagan commune in the Ile-et-Vilaine area of ​​western Brittany.

Deadly Asian lion mosquitoes are getting closer and closer to Britain.


Deadly Asian lion mosquitoes are getting closer and closer to Britain.Credit: Oxford Scientific – Getty.

Officials are now preparing to launch a massive pesticide campaign to kill all the horrible socks that threaten to wreak havoc across the UK.

The health agency reminded residents to minimize the risk of exposure as much as possible, as insects infest the northwestern part of France.

A single bite allows mosquitoes to lay 200 eggs – so it’s important for people to know how to keep their bites away.

Insects carry deadly viruses such as yellow fever, dengue fever, chicken pox and Zika, which have the potential to cripple communities over epidemic diseases.

Health officials have asked locals to empty any containers filled with rainwater, as it is an important breeding ground for Asian tiger mosquitoes.

Getting rid of any standing water and clearing any clumps of garbage will help reduce insect breeding grounds.

They also shared important tips to help differentiate between regular mosquito-killing insects, officially named Aedes albopactus.

The French Regional Health Agency explained, “It’s too small! (About 55 mm, including wings and body).”

“It has black and white stripes on its body and legs (not yellow), it survives the day and stings (it doesn’t stop you from sleeping!), Its sting is painful.”

He shared a link to the deadly insect warning and his official statement on Twitter, following the announcement that Asian tiger mosquitoes had been spotted in Britney.

He said steps were being taken by an expert company deployed on Thursday evening to get rid of mosquitoes “permanently” with pesticides.

Danger zone.

Dangerous insects first arrived in the southeastern French city of Nice in 2004 and have been moving north for many years – getting closer and closer to Britain.

Asian tiger mosquitoes managed to reach Paris in 2018 after nearly doubling in two years.

Half of France is now in the Red Danger Zone – meaning mosquitoes are “implanted” and “active” – ​​with different parts of the country also at risk.

Although France is on Amber’s list, it is feared that the increase in travel could mean that socks reach British shores.

The affected area is just a stone’s throw from the port of Kallis – a major route for many British and imports.

The French Regional Health Agency has taken steps to eliminate socks


The French Regional Health Agency has taken steps to eliminate socks “permanently”.Credit: News Flash.

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