September 21, 2021

David Beckham still wants Messi to end his career at Inter Miami.

Last year, when Lionel Messi sent the infamous Boro Fax saying he wanted to leave FC Barcelona, ​​several clubs expressed interest in signing the brilliant Argentine. Major League Soccer (MLS) club Inter Miami was one of those clubs, and owner David Beckham has confirmed that he is still planning to bring Messi to the United States one day.

According to Mirror , The former Manchester United and Real Madrid star has already talked to Messi about the future. We all know that Barcelona was unable to hold their captain this season due to their financial crisis. As a result, the Argentine captain has moved on to green pastures and the French giants have signed a deal with Paris Saint-Germain.

He has a two-year deal with the League One organization, and Beckham is looking at the possibility of attracting Messi to the MLS after the French tour ends. Beckham has always had high ambitions for his club, aiming to bring some of Europe’s biggest football legends into the MLS.

Inter Miami co-owner George Moss agrees with Beckham. “I am hopeful that Messi will play in the Inter Miami shirt because I think it will complete the legacy of the great player of our generation and fulfill the Inter Miami owners’ ambitions of building a world-class team,” he said. ۔ ” .

In addition to Messi, the former England captain also had a move for Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Juventus Forward have a contract with Turin Side until the end of the season, and could move to South Florida in the future.

If that happens, Messi could join PSG a year later when his contract expires. At the moment it seems like a far-sighted idea, but seeing Messi in the same dressing room at the Parc des Princes with former Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has made anything possible.

Messi also spent some time this summer in Miami, where he is thought to have bought some properties, including six luxury penthouse apartments.

Beckham himself entered the MLS after a successful career in Europe. He played for the LA Galaxy, paving the way for many other European greats to end their sporting careers in the United States. Frank Lampard, Xavi Hernandez, Raul Gonzalez are just a few of the European players who have demonstrated their skills in the MLS in the last years of their professional careers.

David Beckham
Inter Miami owner David Beckham AFP / RHONA WISE

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