Danny Dyer of EastEnders in a furious tirade criticizes Dani’s ex-daughters Jack Fincham and Sammy Kimmens as “very controlling”

EASTENDERS actor Danny Dyer has criticized his daughter Dani’s exes, calling them “very controlling”.

In a furious tirade, the 44-year-old man targeted Jack Fincham and Sammy Kimmens for their behavior while dating Dani, 25.


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Speaking on Danny Dyer’s Sorted with the Dyers podcast, Danny said, “I always found that with your guys, they were never part of your group of friends because they were very controlling of you and just wanted you to be just for themselves.

“So it was almost like you had to make a choice.

“And in some cases between friends, parents or him. I tell him, I use these words very freely.”

Dad and daughter were concerned, discussing the relationship of the listener.

A fan wrote that their partner is deleting text messages from a family friend.

Talking about past love, Dani revealed that she still has feelings for Jack, with whom she won Love Island in 2018.

She said, “I think you always have something with someone, if you’ve spent so much time with them, years or something like that, you’ll always have that something. Not necessarily love.

“Like, for example, Jack from Love Island. Me and him, we’re doing well, and it’s not like I necessarily love him, but I always think we had a great time together.

“I honestly think that when you fall in love with someone else, you forget your ex.”

Danny interrupted, “I think this is the exception to the rule.

“You were on TV with him and it was a crazy little trip, but that’s about it. That’s where it fucking ended.”

Dani continued, “They say you will always have something for your first love, but I have absolutely nothing for my first love. This first love took me a very long time. [to get over].

“My first relationship was crazy. And I loved him, strangely. [I was] child.

“He was terrible to me and so poisonous to me. When I came out of it, it was incredible.”

Dani held back tears as she reflected on her son Santiago’s first year with his father Sammy Kimmens in prison.

In a new YouTube video filmed at his birthday party when he turned one, Dani gets emotional about the difficult year she’s had.

It came after she became a single parent when her ex-partner was jailed for 42 months after he robbed two pensioners of nearly £34,000.

The 25-year-old recently hinted that her failed romance with jailed Sammy Kimmens was doomed from the start.

She broke up with her Love Island boyfriend Jack Fincham in April 2019 and confirmed that same month that she was back with her ex-partner Sammy.

Dani is now dating West Ham star Jarrod Bowen, whom Danny’s father “loves”.

Dani Won Love Island With Jack Fincham


Dani won Love Island with Jack Fincham1 credit
Dani With Her Ex Sammy Kimmens Who Is In Jail


Dani with her ex Sammy Kimmens who is in jail1 credit

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