Daniel Lloyd talks about garden transformation as builders dig a HUGE outdoor pool hole at £1.8m mansion.

DANIELLE Lloyd reveals how her garden was transformed when builders dug a HUGE pool hole near her mansion.

The TV presenter took to her Instagram to reveal how the space outside of her £1.8million is being updated with an outdoor pool.


Danielle opened a huge hole in the gardenCredit: Instagram / Daniel Lloyd
The Star Recently Had A Baby Girl, Autumn Rose.


The star recently had a baby girl, Autumn Rose.Credit: Instagram/@missdlloyd

Daniella, 38, shared a snap of the garden with her social media followers, showing her children standing next to a giant hole in the ground.

The former Miss England stood in the top window of the huge house as her sons Archie, 11, and Harry, 10, waved at her.

The digger seemed to be working on getting tons of dirt out of a HUGE hole in the middle of their big lawn.

Danielle, who is also the mother of seven-year-old George, three-year-old Ronnie and four-month-old Autumn Rose, lives in a huge house with her family.

She and her husband Michael O’Neill often give fans a behind-the-scenes look at their house on social media.

The stunning home is the perfect place for her little girl as her dream of having a baby girl has finally come true – after four sons.

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The beautiful house in Sutton Coldfield has a stunning exterior with perfectly trimmed hedges, shiny windows and greener than green grass.

The playground is certainly a big hit with the four kids as it boasts an impressive home theater and a huge back garden for them to have fun in.

Even though Danielle was the only woman in the house, she certainly brought her femininity to the family home with stunning flowers, hanging chandeliers and glittery decorations.

Her house is done in a monochrome color scheme of grey, white and black and is very clean despite the fact that she has four little boys.

Earlier this month, Danielle revealed how she was attacked by horrific trolls who accused her of faking her pregnancy with her fifth child, an Autumn girl.

The model revealed that she has been harassed since her birth last November as she was accused of using a surrogate mother or undergoing liposuction.

Said the mother of five OK! Journal that despite feeling “happy and confident” in her body, she faced backlash online.

“People were saying things like, ‘What impression do you make on moms being so skinny after giving birth? Do you eat at all?

“Other comments said that I obviously had a liposuction after Autumn and that I must have had a surrogate since the baby doesn’t lose weight that quickly.

“Trust me, liposuction after having a baby is the last thing on my mind. Was I really going to suck the fat out of me three months after giving birth?

Danielle admitted she was “upset and disappointed” to hear the comments after working so hard on her body after having a baby.

She added: “You don’t want to be trolled right after having a baby and it’s tough when your hormones are all over the place. There is a lot to go through.”

The TV presenter called the trolling “offensive and delusional”, but admitted that she has “thick skin” and therefore she did not “cry over it.”

“Whenever I pose in a bikini, people say, ‘You have five kids, take that away,’” she added. “It’s frustrating because I worked hard during and after my pregnancy to be healthy and take care of myself.”

Danielle Finally Gave Birth To A Baby Girl After Four Sons


Danielle finally gave birth to a baby girl after four sons1 credit
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