September 18, 2021

‘Dangerous’ Hamilton wins ‘hollow’ British Grand Prix after Vertapin clash

Lewis Hamilton was accused of “dangerous and disrespectful” in reviving his Formula One title defense after winning the British Grand Prix on Sunday, after championship leader Max Werstapen complained that he “Taken out”.

Hamilton retaliated after the race by saying he would not be “insulted”.

Screaming from a crowd of over 140,000, Hamilton tried to overtake Verstappin in the first lap of the Kopsi corner.

Versatapen refused to produce. The two touching wheels and the Red Bull took care of the track and went through the obstacle. Hamilton walked away with just a broken hill rim.

“I’m glad I’m fine,” Verstapen tweeted from the hospital. “It’s very frustrating to be taken out like that.”

His boss, Christian Horner, the principal of the Red Bull team, has entered Hamilton and won his home race for the eighth time.

“I hope Lewis is happy with himself,” Horner said. “It’s a hollow victory.”

“Copes is one of the fastest corners in the world. You don’t put wheels on the inside. That’s just dirty driving.”

Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc
Last turn: Lewis Hamilton passes Charles Leckler to Silverstone with two laps Photo: AFP / Adrian Dennis

Hamilton said after the race that he felt “very angry after the tragedy” and blamed Verstapen.

“I don’t think there is a need for aggression like that,” he said. “I never back down. I will not be threatened with being less aggressive.

“We needed points. It made a difference and I went for it.”

Before the racing was suspended, Charles Leclerc took the lead, while staff cleared the Red Bull and Versatapen was taken to hospital for testing.

According to the team, Versatapen was released from the hospital after a thorough medical examination.

“It was a very impressive effect,” said Dr. Ian Roberts, Formula One’s medical rescue coordinator.

He said he wanted to “at least say” Versatapen, but added that “no injuries were reported at the time.”

The stewards imposed 10 second fines, the lightest punishment available to Hamilton, who had so far succeeded in pursuing Lecler.

“Punishment doesn’t help us and doesn’t do justice to the dangerous move Lewis made on the track,” Verstappen tweeted. “It’s insulting and unusual to watch events while in the hospital, but we move on.”

Lewis Hamilton
Flying the flag: Hamilton says he has won for Silverstone fans, the British flag and the national anthem Photo: Paul / Lars Baron

Hamilton’s victory extended the Red Bull’s five straight victories to eight points in the championship.

Monigask Leclerc was second, 3.81 seconds behind, to restore Ferrari’s season.

The second Mercedes, driven by Finn Voltaire Bottas, which allowed Hamilton to pass after Germany, was third, ahead of Burton Lendo Norris and Australian Daniel Ricardo’s Mac Lawrence.

It was a bad afternoon for the Red Bull, with Sergio Perez finishing 16th and third from fifth.

Horner focused his frustration on Hamilton.

“I don’t care what Lewis said. It’s a hollow victory.”

“It shouldn’t have happened. Max has had a 51-gram crash. Lewis is a seven-time world champion. He wouldn’t want to make such a ploy, it’s unacceptable,” Horner said.

“It was dangerous. It looked frustrating. It took a competitor to the hospital.”

“The biggest consequence for us was that he was uninjured. I hope Lewis is very happy with himself.”

Horner was also dissatisfied with the sentence.

“It wasn’t a big fine,” Horner said.

Hamilton took his penalty during the good stop during the second run and returned to the track at number five.

“Whether I agree with the fine or not, I just take it on the chin,” he said.

“I’m not going to get anything on the weekend and enjoying the national anthem and the British flag.”

“It was very physical, chasing Charles. I was giving up everything, I didn’t know my tires were going to run out.”

Lecler was disappointed after the victory, but he was still proud of his strong drive and the first podium finish of the season.

“It’s hard to enjoy 100 percent,” he said. “I gave 200 percent. I gave it to everyone but it wasn’t enough in the last two laps.”

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