October 25, 2021

Dancing Strictly 2021 – Philip Schofield erupts in rage as Gorka breaks the silence on a busy show in the queue for the coed vaccine

Very sorry

Strictly speaking, Ben Cohen’s ex-wife Abby says she regrets calling Christina Rehanov “King Russian Dancer”.

The couple’s mother’s life was ruined when former rugby player Ben left her for her dancing partner, Christina Rihanov.

Abby and Ben, 42, were just married when they teamed up with Russian dancer Christina on a BBC show in 2013.

But the former rugby pro left her for a professional ballroom star – their divorce was finalized in 2016.

At the time, Abby mocked 43-year-old hardcore favorite Christina, calling her “F ** King Russian Dancer”, fighting her heartache.

But now the mother of two, who shares her daughter Harriet with Ben, has revealed that she regrets losing her temper during the breakup.

Abby said. New Magazine.“At break-up, when there was too much pressure, I once angrily called Ben’s partner a” f *** ing Russian dancer “who bothered me. I’m sorry about that now.”

He added: “I am happy in my skin and I am not the broken girl who was married to a famous rugby player.”

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