October 18, 2021

Dancing Strictly 2021 – ‘Dodge Vote Off’ after coveted Tom Fletcher and Amy Duden’s persuasive rule change

Rose Ealing Ellis made history

The East End actress performed her first routine – the joy of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off – this Saturday evening with pro partner Giovanni Pearns.

At the end of the high-energy routine, the entire cast and crew were found on their feet with Tess Daily, and Tess Daily continued to speak to them using British sign language.

“Congratulations, you really make a great team,” he told Rose.

The actress was also seen teaching Giovanni how to talk to her by teaching her a few words in sign language.

Fans were moved by the effort the team went to make sure the day felt as involved as possible.

Speaking on Twitter, one fan wrote, “Everyone is trying to sign up for Rose On. [Strictly] is beautiful. She was incredible and I like to partner with her. [Giovanni] I think it would be more engaging for all of us to see a translator.

Another said, “Apart from Giovanni, big fans of people are learning some basic signs to speak from day to day, it should always be that way.”

A third added: “Very impressed by the day and very important to see sign language in the biggest TV show!”

Rose made history as the show's first deaf contestant: BBC.
Rose made history as the show’s first deaf contestant: BBC.

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