Dancing on Ice star Holly Willoughby’s amazing diet full of carbohydrates and “good”

‘Dancing on Ice’ star Holly Willoughby opens up about her amazing diet and how home cooking is full of ‘goodness’.

The mother-of-three spoke about what she and her children, as well as her husband Dan Baldwin, eat and cook at their family home.


Holly eats a well-balanced diet and is often seen cooking for her family.Credit: hollywilloughby/Instagram
The Mother Of Three Guarantees That Her Children Will Receive &Quot;Kindness&Quot; In Their Diet


Mother of three makes sure her kids eat ‘healthy’1 credit

Holly, 41, often impresses fans with her enviable figure as she can be seen in several glamorous outfits representing the ITV figure show.

Fans may be shocked to learn that despite eating healthy, the lifestyle guru who runs the website Wylde Moon doesn’t shy away from treats.

The host of This Morning is a passionate chef and makes homemade potato and pasta meals for children Harry, 12, Belle, 10, and Chester, 7.

She previously told Asda’s Living magazine about their diet: “I want to fill them with goodness and make sure they don’t snack between meals.

“I love it when they try new dishes like crab and shellfish. But I myself love a slice of processed cheese, so I can’t be so belligerent about nutrition.”

The former Celebrity Juice star once revealed that she usually starts her day with a balanced breakfast that can be eaten quickly before work.

It is said that Holly got up early this morning and ate muesli, yogurt and berries, as well as strong coffee.

On weekends, lunchtime seems to bring homemade roasts, as Holly was photographed in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

But on a typical day, the star preferred to keep things simple, admitting that her best daily meal is jacket potatoes.

The mom-of-three told Food Network she likes nothing but “baked potatoes with real butter, cheese and beans.”

On her lifestyle brand, she also revealed her favorite healthy snacks, including hummus-dipped carrots and fresh mangoes.

However, the star also loves sweets and never refuses chocolate, confessing to being a shopaholic.

Holly tried to convey her love of sweets, which was cured by British hypnotist Paul McKenna, on live television, but was unsuccessful.

Like most parents, the busy mom is no stranger to making simple pasta dishes like bolognese or carbonara at dinner time.

However, she was recently seen dining with buddy and co-host Phillip Schofield at her favorite sushi restaurant, Nobu.

Holly has made no secret of her love for a glass of wine after she revealed she had the worst hangover during the coronavirus lockdown.

However, the TV presenter has previously told viewers that she prefers to drink vodka, soda and lime with dinner.

Holly has often been seen trying new foods on This Morning, and last week she blushed after getting her shepherd’s pie stained on live TV.

She shyly admitted that she “shoveled” the dish because she liked it so much, showing the camera the annoying brown mark on her dress.

Holly has previously admitted that she’s a big fan of shepherd’s pie and even planned on making Donal’s recipe this weekend when her parents are visiting.

Holly Is Not Shy About Admitting Her Sweet Tooth.


Holly is not shy about admitting her sweet tooth.Credit: Rex Features

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