Danby Hockey Club Ladies double win, Whitby Ladies defeated by North Shields

The Danby Women’s Hockey Club won two games over the weekend.

Danby hosted Redcar 1 on Saturday and the hosts played well and controlled the game with accurate passing and great teamwork.

Katherine Hogarth and Rosie Hogarth worked well passing the ball from the center to the right flank, and with heavy pressure on the Redcar defense, Nikki Graham put Danby in front.

The hosts continued to perform well, with Claire Stringer handling the ball far from the left and Cathy Hodgson clearing threats from Danby’s goal.

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Lisette Vincent-Jones shone for Whitby at North Shields

The hosts managed to work the ball well, and soon Emily Dawson scored a second.

In the second half, Danby managed to keep the pace and work together, with Katherine Hogarth scoring the third goal to seal the win.

Danby headed north on Sunday to rendezvous with Hartlepool.

With the team’s confidence high the day before Danby got off to a strong start with a lot of passes in midfield, Issy and Katherine Hogarth got the ball to the shooting guard well.

Danby found it difficult to break Hartlepool’s defense and at 0–0 they knew they needed to do more in the second half and started strong. Josie Bowes quickly intercepted Poole’s shot and kicked the ball over the keeper to give Danby the lead.

After that, Danby took possession of the ball, and a beautiful shot by Katherine Hogarth opened the score 2-0.

This goal was followed shortly by their third goal, which came from a short corner when captain Cathy Hodgson hit a top D ball into Chloe Wilson at the post to clear the ball past the keeper.

With a few minutes left, Danby continued to work the ball around the Hartlepool defense and a strong Nikki Graham shot went wide of the goalkeeper to make the final score 4-0.

The man of the match was split between Josie Bowes and Cathy Hodgson.

Danby will travel to Durham City 3 this Saturday.

The Whitby Ladies Hockey Club lost 1-0 at the North Shields Hockey Club on Saturday.

The guests put together a strong team of 12 players and the game started at a very fast pace, with both teams passing well and making the ball do a great job.

Whitby defensemen Siobhan Robinson, Rose Hall and Natasha Hill did an amazing job of forming a solid wall, keeping all the balls out of their defensive zone.

Goalkeeper Kirsty Dixon also made a sensational performance.

After a stern team talk from coach Marcus Coates, the visitors began the second half fighting and putting pressure on Shields.

It was unfortunate for Whitby not to be able to find the back of the net as Millie Storr made some fantastic runs down the right flank.

Shields opened the scoring and with 10 minutes left in the game, Whitby failed to equalize.

Man of the Match was Lisette Vincent-Jones for her great efforts on the left flank.

Whitby Ladies will face Newcastle University this weekend.

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