Daily guide to what your zodiac sign has in store for your zodiac dates


from March 21 to April 20

Saturn’s strong friendship core is causing a few introductions today, but it’s up to you to decide whether to go through with it.

Yes, other people are drawn to you, but you have a choice in how you choose to use this power.

Exciting times may lie ahead.

In a love affair, freshen up the romance with a past plan.




from April 21 to May 21

There is a hint of Moon’s mischief in your chart, and this can bring a day of unexpected personal decisions.

You can ask that cheeky question that’s been on your mind for months, or sign up for this learning or life challenge.

Loyalty is at the core of love, and it is good to acknowledge and perhaps reward it.


from May 22 to June 21

Let the lunar emotional truth shine through you – and attract people and offers into your life.

Today you are a great team player, playing fair and always listening to every idea or apology.

If you are in love, role reversal can release energy on both sides.


from June 22 to July 2

This is a day for finding or rebuilding strong work ties, and at home for celebrating what makes people close and caring.

This may mean giving everyone, including lovers, time and space to explain rather than jump to conclusions.

If you start the day lonely, Venus will bring you a deep thinker with a smiling face.

♌ Lion

from July 23 to August 23

The easy way might be to stay neutral, but today Saturn is telling you to choose a side and stick to it.

So at home and at work, reinforce your deepest instincts with action. It may be a surprise who offers support.

If you feel like ideas are always out of your reach, try writing them down every night before bed.

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from August 24 to September 22

Your career can grow and change, and it begins today as Saturn helps you ask for what you need to make progress.

Even if it’s the last thing your boss (or maybe you yourself) expects.

Your home card is unconventional, luck is associated with unusual colors or objects.


from September 23 to October 23

The communication moon can make you so subtle in what you say that others will miss your message, so state your views, positive and negative.

A recent romance may have challenged you, but since Venus makes you happier, you really feel in charge of your love life.


from October 24 to November 22

Your sign is a zodiac trailblazer because loving and teaching planets make you so wise yet so sexy at the same time.

If you are currently single, a live music performance can mark the moment you meet.

The sun is making your career hot, so get down to the task of gathering information.


from November 23 to December 21

A personal moon may make some recent elections wobbly, but it will only strengthen your willpower.

So stick to hard facts, cash. A family decision may test you more than anyone else, but it helps you grow.

A shy smile at a formal meeting can turn into a fiery passion.


from December 22 to January 20

Your Hidden Desires card glows with powerful power – and today a love interest can see so clearly what’s in your heart.

So if you’re single, you can go from waiting to dating in minutes.

If you are in love, choose honesty over kindness and express your love feelings in words.


from January 21 to February 18

You are comfortable speaking the truth thanks to the sun, but try to keep the feelings of others in mind today.

Because sometimes they don’t say what they really mean.

At work and at home, inspiration glows deep within you.

But you’ll get further with your ideas if you stop waiting for someone else to make them work.


from February 19 to March 20

The moon of success illuminates the sector of your ambitions and encourages you to tell someone close to you the truth about your dreams.

Then the stalemate can change and you can start planning your life in two completely different places.

The new passion “R” may be at a party where colleagues at work are celebrating.

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Capricorn – Born between December 22 and January 20, Capricorns tend to be practical, resourceful and patient, as well as driven and ambitious.

Aquarius – Freedom-loving Aquarius is a water sign born between January 21 and February 18.

Fishes – Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and their symbol is the fish.

Aries – Aries is the first of the 12 signs of the zodiac, and its symbol is the ram.

Taurus – Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac, and its symbol is the bull.

Twins – Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac, and its symbol is said to represent the twins Castor and Pollocks.

Cancer Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac and its symbol is the crab.

Leo – Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac, falling between July 23 and August 23.

Virgo – Virgo is the sixth sign in the zodiac calendar and is represented by the maiden, or virgin, symbol.

scales – Libra is an air sign and compatible with Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Scorpion – Ruled by the planet Pluto, Scorpios are most compatible with Cancers, Capricorns and Pisces.

Sagittarius – The Sagittarius symbol is the archer and they are most compatible with Aries, Aquarius and Leo.

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