October 27, 2021

Czech President Zeman is in intensive care as the country awaits a new government.


Czech President Milos Zeman was receiving treatment in the intensive care unit on Sunday, creating uncertainty as he heads political talks on forming a new government after parliamentary elections.

Miroslav Zauverl, director of Prague’s Central Military Hospital, said Zaman, 77, had been admitted with complications related to an unknown chronic condition.

“We know the diagnosis well, which allows us to target the treatment,” Xavier added, adding that he did not have the president’s approval to reveal the details of the diagnosis.

Xavier did not say how serious the president’s condition was.

I Czech Republic, President after talks with party leaders. Elections Finding a Workable Majority Under the constitution, the power to appoint a prime minister is vested in the speaker of the lower house if the presidency becomes vacant.

Reporters saw an ambulance leaving the presidential palace in Leni, west of Prague, shortly after which Zeman met with Prime Minister Andrzej Babis.

The president’s office had earlier said Zaman was ill, and he spent eight days in hospital last month. The president’s office said he was not in a critical condition at the time but was dehydrated and a little tired.

Bobby’s Central ANO Party. They lost the parliamentary elections The Center-Right Together Alliance was formed on Friday and Saturday and it seems unlikely that the ruling majority will be formed.

Together, the Liberal Pirates / Mayors coalition won 108 seats in the 200-seat lower house and said it intended to form a government.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Bashar al-Assad’s government, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer. I will discuss. “

It can take months to form a government.

Under the constitution, the president can appoint anyone as prime minister and direct them to nominate a cabinet. The new cabinet faces a vote of confidence in the lower house within a month of its appointment.

Zaman had said before the election that he would appoint the head of the biggest winning individual party, not a coalition to try to form a government.

This will be a boon, as ANO wins the most votes of any party.

Babis’s ally Zaman did not comment on his next steps after the election results.

It usually takes weeks or months to form a government, and no appointments are possible before the new lower house is convened, sometime within a month after the election.

Zaman has been using a wheelchair since the beginning of this year due to neuropathy in his legs.

He canceled a visit to the polling station on Friday, instead of voting in a ballot box brought by election officials, without access to the media.

Public Czech radio and newspaper. denikn.cz Citing seven sources last week, he said the president had suffered from heartburn or fluid retention during his previous hospital stay. A presidential spokesman declined to comment on the report.



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